PCA Job Description and Its FAQ


For the healthcare department, the PCA becomes one of the most important agents and it will influence the running of the business. PCA is known as the personal care assistant. Based on the PCA job description, we may see that an individual in this position will have tasks to provide home assistance to the individual with the challenges of healthcare.

PCA Job Description Templates

Since the important roles of the PCA, the healthcare center will always try to find a talented and compassionate candidate to fill the position. Yes, it is quite reasonable because the experienced PCA will know what they need to do and how to manage their jobs.

Well, for the recruiter, using the job description template in making the recruitment document can be a helpful way. The template will ease them in making it. By using a template, there will be a default scheme of the job description that can be a consideration to value the candidate.

On another hand, by using a template, I am sure that you do not need to make the document from a blank paper. All you –as the recruiter needs to do is only personalizing detailed information there and change it based on the basic information of your healthcare.

PCA Responsibilities

A PCA is an agent that will face some important responsibilities, especially about managing the health condition of the patients. Well, some detailed responsibilities to be known, especially by the candidate before they join the qualification are:

  • Traveling to the home of the clients daily
  • Preparing the meals based on the health standard for the clients daily
  • Doing some light cleanings in the home of the clients when it is needed
  • Ensuring that the clients take their medication as it is asked by the doctor
  • Assisting the clients with some kinds of hygiene activities, such as using the bathroom, bathing, and others
  • Making a report to inform about the health progress of the patients

PCA Requirements

To be recruited a great agent for being a new PCA; the recruiter can make some requirements for the candidate. The requirements here are very useful to measure the competency of the candidates. It means the selected candidate will have a good competency as it is measured by the requirements.

Some common requirements that can be used by a recruiter are:

  • A first aid qualification
  • Own transport
  • Experiences in-home health care
  • Physical strength to help the clients with the problems of mobility
  • Compassion for the others
  • Good housekeeping skills
  • Good communication skills both verbal and written
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Excellent skills to manage different conditions


What are the main duties of the PCA?

Maintaining the condition of the patient at home privately becomes the main duty of the PCA. However, a person in this position also needs to coordinate with the doctor to find the best management and progress.

Can I edit the job description template of the PCA here?

Yes, you can. All templates of the PCA job description here are editable. You can get the template by clicking the download button and then edit it using Microsoft Words.


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