Printable Immunization Records

Printable Immunization Records: Recording and Keeping Track on Vaccination

In some situations, you will be asked to show the record of your vaccination or immunization. This record is considered to be essential in certain cases. You can obtain printable immunization records from various sources these days. Thus, you will not need to think about the appropriate format if you do not have this document on hand.

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What is an Immunization or Vaccination Record?

An immunization or vaccination record is a document that contains list of vaccines that someone has received throughout their life. Perhaps you will see this document linked to children. Indeed, since a child receives more vaccines in their age compared to adult, the documentation tends to be more comprehensive. Nonetheless, adult can have a record of their vaccination too.

Printable Immunization Record

There are so many uses of this record. When you are applying for some types of jobs, you will be required to show it. A student may also need to provide the record at time of school application. If you are planning to travel to certain countries, you may also need to prove that you have gotten specific vaccines. Thus, printable immunization records are very handy.

Content of a Vaccination Record

  1. Person’s Personal Information

Reader needs to know who is referred in the vaccination record. Personal information of the vaccine recipient is usually displayed on top of the document. The information included such as person’s full name and date of birth (to know the person’s age).

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  1. Allergies and Other Health Conditions

Another important content that must be included in the record is the recipient’s medical conditions such as allergies. This part lists allergies that the person has. It can inform reader about illness that the vaccine recipient has. You can also find notes about their reactions toward vaccines given here.

School immunization record

  1. Names and Types of Vaccines

The names and types of vaccines being given to recipient must have specific spot in the record. This aspect is very important since it informs reader about the kinds of vaccines record owner has gotten and makes them more identifiable.

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  1. Administration Date

Administration date for each vaccine must be included in all printable immunization records. The date informs reader if the person has received a vaccine on time and whether they need to redo it.

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  1. Vaccine Administrator

The administrator of vaccination must be recorded in this document as well. It can be the doctor’s name or health institution where the vaccine was given. The administrator can be held accountable for its result if their name is written clearly on the document.

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  1. The Upcoming Schedule

In some records, you will see a column specific for the upcoming vaccination schedule. This is especially important for parents of young children. Knowing when the next vaccination time will ensure that they will do it on time.

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Filling the Vaccination Record

Who is responsible for filling the printable immunization records? If you can get the medical personnel who performs vaccination to fill it, then that would be fantastic. However, you can definitely fill it on your own. Parents can also fill the document for their children. In some countries you can find the electronic version of this document in government’s health care websites.

Printable Immunization Schedule and Immunization Record Template

printable immunization records

Printable School Immunization Record
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Free printable Immunization Record (PDF) from Vertex42.

Free printable Immunization Record (PDF) from Vertex42.
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