Radiation Therapist Job Description and Its FAQ


Inside the health care center, the radiation therapist can be said as an important agent with some essential jobs. Based on the radiation therapist job description, an individual on this page will determine the best course of the radiation treatment to serve the patients. Besides, they also will make treatment planning to help the patients getting a better treatment period.

Radiation Therapist Job Description Templates

Since the radiation therapist has some essential jobs, of course, the management of the health care center only will recruit an empathetic candidate. The selected candidate will make some plans and execute the treatments based on the needs and the policies.

On another hand, to be the selected radiation therapist, the candidate needs to work closely with the patients. They also need to provide support to the patients maximally. Determining the needs of the patients also becomes another job of the radiation therapist to handle.

In the recruitment process, the recruiter can use the job description template. Using the template will be helpful since they do not need to make the document from a blank paper. All they need to do is only editing the posted template based on the information that they need.

Radiation Therapist Responsibilities

Doing some treatments to handle the needs of the patients becomes the first responsibility of the radiation therapist. However, after being selected as the new radiation therapist, of course, the candidate will face some other responsibilities to handle, as:

  • Providing the radiation therapy treatments to the patients after being consulted with the teams of oncology
  • Explaining the process to the patients
  • Answering any question from the patients
  • Administering the radiation therapists based on the treatment plans
  • Using the equipment of the medical imaging to ensure that the treatment will be delivered accurately
  • Assessing the reaction of the patients when facing the treatments
  • Providing the advice especially about the side effects of the treatment
  • Monitoring the progress of the treatment and suggesting some new treatment plans when required
  • Providing some supports to both families and the patients

Radiation Therapist Requirements

To be the selected radiation therapist, of course, the candidate needs to fill some requirements. The requirements here will be a tool to measure the competencies of the candidate, so the management will find a talented agent.

Some needed requirements to be considered are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in radiation therapy
  • Experience working as a radiation therapist or related fields
  • Awesome technical skills
  • Proficient in using the equipment of medical imaging
  • Ability to apply critical thinking
  • Ability to control the emotion
  • Good communication skills both verbal and written
  • Good attention to detail

Radiation Therapist FAQ

What are the main duties of the radiation therapist to handle?

Doing some treatments, especially the radiation to the patients becomes the main duty of the radiation therapist. However, an individual in this position also needs to coordinate with the other staff to make the best planning of treating the patients.

Can I edit the posted job description of the radiation therapist on this page?


Of course, you can. All templates and samples of the radiation therapist job description on this page are editable. You can get the files by clicking the download button and then edit the templates using Microsoft Office software.


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