Ramp Agent Job Description for Aircraft’s Crew

Let’s come closer to know about a Ramp Agent job description! The airports need a team of the Ramp Agent to handle baggage under-swings. In this template, you can check detailed requirements, liabilities, and roles in detail. The airport Ramp Agent job description does not only outlines the main responsibilities but the other duties.

Ramp Agents Job Description and a lot of Liabilities

Ramp Agent is popular as Fleet Service agent and Baggage Handlers. It works at the airports along with a larger airport ramp agent team. The main responsibilities are plenty enough more than act as marshals and give under-wing services to aircraft. It as well as set up baggage and cargo management equipment before operating. Alongside that, the Ramp Agent must comply with strict occupational safety regulations.

In this Ramp agent job description, those liabilities change into 11 regular duties. You can understand them through the following points:

  1. The Ramp Agent is in charge to back aircraft up for take-off by guiding it to and from gates.
  2. Assist to park the aircraft that arrive and depart.
  3. The Ramp Agent must place cones and chocks around aircraft.
  4. Load and unload aircraft cargo both arrival and departure. It handles baggage, dollies, mail, and others.
  5. It provides privilege handling of mail, baggage, and cargo.
  6. If necessary, the Ramp Agent responds to handle dangerous goods and live animals. It understands by gathering, loading, and unloading both off and on aircraft.
  7. It unloads baggage to the conveyor system also carries passengers’ baggage to the claim area.
  8. The Ramp Agent restocks the aircraft from cleaning service until maintenance.
  9. Ability to operate ground support equipment like container loaders, cargo dollies, aircraft stair units, and passenger vans. Besides that, it handles aircraft de-icing units, aircraft ground power units, and truck service of lavatory/ water.
  10. Report all equipment malfunctions of the authorized manager or supervisor.
  11. Adhere to all airport carrier security requirements and authority. It is such as comply with Swissport Standard Operating Procedures.

11 Qualifications in Ramp Agent Job Description

There are 11 qualifications to pay attention to the Ramp Agent job description. It consists of:

  • The Ramp Agent can graduate from high school.
  • Nevertheless, the agent must possess experience working in an aviation environment previously.
  • It, as well as successful, completes a training program of ramp services.
  • The Ramp Agent should have a valid driver’s license.
  • It has the U.S. Customs Seal that is useful for access to secure areas of CBP.
  • Good knowledge of lifting techniques that is useful to handle heavy objects.
  • It demands experience to work with hazardous goods and live animals.
  • The Ramp Agent must proficient in airport safety procedures that become the working knowledge.
  • Demonstrate strong skills in communication, teamwork, and time-management.
  • It has terrific physical power and fitness.
  • Lastly, it must endure in any working conditions.

Thank you for reading the Ramp Agent job description because you need it. The airport cannot skip and underestimate this staff. Use the template maximally! Good luck!


  • What are extreme duties that Ramp Agent must conduct?

It must be willing to load and unload dangerous goods as well as live animals.

  • What knowledge to master by the Ramp Agent?

The Ramp Agent must master properly the knowledge of lifting techniques.

  • What types of goods that Ramp Agent handle?

It will load and unload mails, baggage, and cargo.


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