Screen Printer Job Description: Give the Best Design to Customers

Do you recognize the screen printers? Yea, they will help you to check screen printing. For working as a screen printer, you must learn the duties that must do. Besides, it is also necessary for you to find the requirements to be a screen printer. Don’t worry about that! Both information will be available in this screen printer job description.

Kinds of Responsibilities of the Screen Printer Job Description

The screen printers must do these following responsibilities. Please pay attention to it carefully!

  1. Receive the order

This kind of responsibility tells that the screen printers must receive the order from the clients. It is, of course, the work order jobs for screen printing.

  1. Design the patterns

Actually, this second duty means that the screen printers will help the customers to design the patterns of the screen. It is surely based on the specification of the clients or customers.

  1. Run the prints

Then, what must the screen printers do in this duty? It is a must for them to run the prints and also show quality checks. You may see it through the process of printing.

  1. Access the work orders

In this screen printer job description, what should the screen printers follow to run their roles well? Here, they have to test the work orders to decide the estimated ink, material quantities, and printing times.

  1. Choose the screen size

Furthermore, what is the next responsibility of the screen printers? Yea, to get the best result, they should choose the screen size of the printing. Besides, they must also degrease the agents and emulsion the coatings.

  1. Pack the articles

In this case, the other duty of the screen printers is packing the completed articles. Before packing, they should dry and fold them first.


Kinds of Requirements in the Screen Printer Job Description

There will be some requirements that you have to know to be a screen printer. What are the requirements? Let’s check them out one by one!

  1. Get a high school diploma

You must get the education of a high school diploma.

  1. Have experience

Then, what is the second requirement of being a screen printer? Yea, you must have experience as a screen printer before.

  1. Operate the machinery

In this third requirement, the screen printers must be able to operate the large machinery manually.

  1. Have good skills

This screen printer job description shows that screen printers must have good skills in art. In addition, they must have a high creative level.

  1. Have excellent coordination

Here, screen printers should have excellent coordination. It is, especially the hand-eye coordination.

  1. Be able to work alone

The other needed requirement is that the screen printers must be able to work alone for long shifts.



What is a screen printer?

A screen printer is an operator of the printer who manages the process of screen printing.


What are the responsibilities of the screen printers?

They must be responsible for designing the screen print patterns, printing the final design, troubleshooting any errors, and others.


That is the information on the screen printer job description. Just comprehend it!



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