Tattoo Artist Job Description for tattooing safely and professionally

Tattoo Artist’s job description clarifies that this profession is not careless and illegal. It keeps complying with the health regulation from the state and federal. This profession keeps paying attention to the safety of the client during it does the job. Well, the Tattoo Artist job description for requirement knows it better along with detailed information.

10 Duties to comply with the staff according to Tattoo Artist Job Description

Tattoo Artist works by using needles and indelible, non-toxic inks. It uses the equipment to apply various tattoos to the bodies of the client. It must comply with the health regulations both from the federal and state. Tattoo Artist is mandatory to ensure the client’s safety during tattoo applications. In this section, Tattoo Artist job description reveals 10 duties to adherence to:

  1. Tattoo Artist starts to make the client appointments schedule and discuss pricing.
  2. Prepare for tattoo applications by shaving the various body areas of clients.
  3. Select to use antibacterial soap to clean various skin areas of the clients.
  4. Inform on tattoo color, size, and suitable placement to the clients.
  5. Understand the clients’ tattoo ideas by listening to them carefully.
  6. Demonstrate tattoo designs to assist the clients if they do not have any idea.
  7. The Tattoo Artist must stencil design onto the skin that the client chooses. Besides that, it is mandatory to use a tattoo gun when creating permanent designs.
  8. Use sterile dressings to cover the area that had just got a tattoo.
  9. Educate the clients by giving instructions about how to care about the new tattoo areas.
  10. Lastly, it must maintain the work environment keeps clean and safe by following federal and state health regulations.

6 Requirements on Tattoo Artist Job Description 2020

Tattoo Artist presents 6 requirements to complete the template and ready to use for the next plan. By the way, the next plan is to make a job advertisement and interview questions. Both will not run well and smoothly without having the most effective job desk template. So, look at below to complete your Tattoo Artist job description:

  • Tattoo Artist requires a diploma in a high school or GED.
  • It has a State tattoo license, Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) certificate, and complete a CPR training.
  • Tattoo Artist needs to present a good portfolio.
  • It must prove experience tattooing that it does in a tattoo studio.
  • Tattoo Artists must demonstrate exceptional and excellent skills in communication as well as customer service.
  • Lastly, it must work with detail-oriented and artistic.

Okay, that is detailed information on the Tattoo job description that is ready to smooth your plan. This template deserves to call as the most effective tool to hire and guide new staff. Thank you for reading. Good luck!


  • What is a Tattoo Artist?

A Tattoo Artist is a work that serves the clients that want to make a tattoo in their body. It uses non-toxic and indelible needles also ink to work based on the client’s desire. But, it also recommends some designs when the clients do not have any idea.

  • What Tattoo Artist must possess?

It should have Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) certificate and a state tattoo license.

  • What is the special training of Tattoo Artist?

It must complete a CPR training program and adhere to health regulations.


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