Textiles Company Letterhead Customizable PSD Template

Elegant Design of Textiles Company Letterhead for Branding

Textile is a big industry, starting from the fiber material, and then processed into clothing that you wear now. No wonder many companies are engaged in the textile industry, and they need to strengthen their brand in the market. One of the media that can be used as branding is the company letterhead. This stationery will be very useful as branding as it displays the name and logo of the company. Well, the letterhead should not be taken lightly. So, how to make the textiles company letterhead design to attract consumers?

Textiles Company Letterhead Functions

Before going too far about how to design the textiles company letterhead, you should know some functions of the company letterhead. Here is the explanation.

  1. Company information media

The basic function of the letterhead is to know where the sender comes from. It will be very useful when the two companies work together. The main information contained in the letterhead includes the address, telephone number, line of business, email, and website.

  1. As a promotional media

Aside from being a media of information, it turns out that letterhead can also be a promotional strategy. In this case, the letterhead must be designed as attractive as possible. The attractive design will make sure the consumers to buy and use your product.

  1. As branding

Moreover, branding is carried out by companies to introduce their products. Strong branding is what you need. The letterhead as branding usually displays the logo and company’s name as the unique identity.

Tips on Designing Textiles Company Letterhead

  1. Simple and elegant design

How to make a simple and elegant design? The easy way is to use simple elements in the letterhead. Don’t use more than two colors. It is better to use a single color for this letterhead. However, you can also see some design references as a guideline.

  1. Choose the right font

The role of fonts is very important in designing professional letterhead. Use fonts with high and decisive readability. However, it depends on the type of textile company you own.

  1. Use templates if needed

The use of ready-made templates is a common thing. Of course, you can download several letterhead templates to speed up your work. Besides, by using the PSD template, it will make your letterhead look more professional.

The Things to Avoid when Designing Textiles Company Letterhead

The textiles company letterhead is a pretty crucial tool for the company. Therefore, you should avoid technical mistakes in making the letterhead design. The common mistake in the process of designing letterhead is the logo size. It might be too small or large. This is a serious matter as it relates to the branding that has been explained above. The size of the logo in the letterhead must be adjusted carefully and proportionally.

Download Textiles Company Letterhead PSD Template for Free

The textiles company letterhead templates can be downloaded in PSD format. It allows you to make the modifications freely and creatively. Furthermore, the template commonly has the US and A4 sizes that you can print directly.  

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