Tow Truck Operator Job Description and Its FAQ


The operator of the tow truck becomes an important agent to handle the safety of vehicles on the roads. An agent in this position will assist with vehicle breakdowns and kinds of accidents. Well, knowing the tow truck operator job description is quite essential, especially when you want to join as a candidate and get the new job. Here, we will talk about it and some essential information.

Tow Truck Operator Job Description Template

To give a maximal service for those who need some help, especially when they face minor damage, a company or an agency will try to find the best operator of the tow truck. That is why only the experienced and person who has good ability in driving that will be chosen.

For the recruiter, they can use the job description template of a tow truck operator to do the recruitment. The templates will be useful and helpful. It provides the default scheme of the job description, so you –as the recruiter, just need to personalize detailed information there.

On another hand, for the candidate, they need to have basic mechanical skills and have good knowledge of auto electrical skills. Communication skills also become another requirement to maximize the services for those who need hands for help.

Tow Truck Operator Responsibilities

Giving hands to help the driver who faces an accident or other damaged condition of their vehicle becomes the main responsibility of a tow truck operator. However, a person in this position will face some other responsibilities to be handled, such as:

  • Reporting to base
  • Completing the paperwork
  • Towing the vehicle to the authorized service station
  • Connecting the damaged vehicle to the truck using some tools, such as chain, winch, and others
  • Suggesting some courses of action
  • Jump-starting the vehicles
  • Changing the tires of the vehicles
  • Reconnecting the parts of the vehicles
  • Performing some minor repairs when it is needed
  • Performing some diagnostics for the roadside vehicles
  • Interacting with the customers to find the basic of the problems
  • Driving to the scene of a vehicle accident
  • Receiving kinds of communications from the company dispatcher

Tow Truck Operator Requirements

To be selected as a new agent of a tow truck operator, a candidate should fulfill some needed requirements. The requirements here become the consideration if a candidate has abilities as the needs of the company.

Some requirements to be handled and owned by a candidate of a tow truck operator are:

  • High school diploma in related fields or GED
  • Experiences with the maintenance of the automotive and the repairs
  • Basic knowledge of vehicle mechanics
  • Good knowledge of electrical system
  • A valid license of a driver
  • Completion of an advanced course for driving
  • Good communication skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good management skills
  • Ability to handle kinds of vehicle problems

Tow Truck Operator FAQ

What are the main duties of a tow truck operator?

Giving hands to help a vehicle that faces an accident becomes the main duty of the tow truck operator. However, an agent in this position also needs to handle some other jobs, including managing the system to maximize the services.

Can I edit the posted job description of a tow truck operator here?

Yes, you can. The templates of the tow truck operator job description are editable. You can get it by clicking the download button to get the files and then edit it.



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