Community Manager Job Description and Its FAQ


For some specific organization, especially the profit one, the community manager has an important role to be run. Yes, based on the community manager job description, a person in this position will create and manage the online voice to build brand awareness. It could be said that the profit level of the organization will be influenced by this agent and its performance.

Community Manager Job Description Templates

Since the community manager has a very essential role, the organization will look for the digital-savvy agent to fulfill this position. The new agent will face some essential tasks; especially build brand awareness and loyalty to increase the profit level of the organization.

Well, for the recruiter, using the job description template of the community manager will be helpful. The template provides the basic scheme of the job description. It means the recruiter can get more inspiration to arrange the recruitment document from it.

On another hand, for the potential candidate, they need to prepare their-self before joining the process. A candidate should be a strategic thinker since a community manager will build a better strategy to run the business inside the organization to get more profit in the future.

Community Manager Responsibilities

Managing the needs of the organization including making the business strategies becomes the main responsibility of the selected community manager. However, a candidate that has been selected as the new community manager also will face some other responsibilities to be handled.

The detailed responsibilities to be handled are:

  • Developing content plans
  • Creating engaging content for all online platforms, such as articles, blog pieces, social media posts, videos, and others
  • Engaging with the online community and responding to the requests and comments
  • Analyzing the web traffic and the metrics of the relevant community
  • Relaying the feedback from the community to the relevant internal stakeholders
  • Devising and implementing the community communication initiatives
  • Attending the networking events or the workshop from the relevant industries
  • Liaising with the external agents to ensure the great brand representation

Community Manager Requirements

To be the selected community manager, a candidate needs to fill some asked requirements. The requirements itself become tools to value the competency of the candidate.

Some requirements as part of the recruitment to be prepared by the candidate are:

  • A degree in journalism, English, communication, marketing, or other related fields
  • Experiences in operating kinds of social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others
  • In-depth knowledge about the hoot-suite or other similar programs to manage the online postings
  • Proficient in Google Analytics
  • Experiences in managing the platforms of social media
  • Great time management skills
  • Good communication skills
  • In-depth knowledge of the marketing techniques and trends

Community Manager FAQ

What are the main duties of the community manager?

Managing the needs of the community becomes the main duty of the community manager. However, the manager also needs to create a better strategy that will influence the performance of the organization in the future.

Can I edit the job description template of the community manager on this page?

Of course, yes. All samples and templates of the community manager job description are editable. To edit the templates, get it by clicking the download button and then edit it using Microsoft Words or similar programs.


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