ETL Developer Job Description and Its Requirements


An Extract Transform Load (ETL) developer is an IT specialist who designs and fills an advanced data storage system for the clients of business. For your information, ETL is the process where a developer loads business data into a data warehouse. Now, let’s discuss the ETL developer job description further.

ETL Developer Job Description Template

In this role, an ETL tests the system performance and troubleshoots issues before it goes live. Now, we are hiring an ETL. Here, an ETL consults with the data management team, reviews the company’s storage needs, makes a refined data warehousing environment, extracts data from services, etc.

This extract transform load developer job description also discusses what is required for applying for this job. You may be able to fulfill this position if you have good knowledge of warehouse architecture and coding languages. Besides, the ability to see the big image of the data needs of a company is required.

ETL Developer Job Responsibilities

An extract transform load will be responsible for many tasks and duties. Below, we provide a list that contains the ETL developer job responsibilities in detail:

  • Consults with data management teams to get a big-image idea of the data storage needs of the company
  • Presents warehousing options to the company based on the storage needs
  • Designs and codes the data warehousing system to desired specifications of the company
  • Conducts preliminary testing of the warehousing environment before data is extracted
  • Tests the new storage system after all the data is transferred
  • Troubleshoots any problems that may arise
  • Provides maintenance support

Different companies may give different duties. So, it is possible that an ETL developer has additional responsibilities depending on the company.

ETL Developer Job Requirements

To be an ETL developer, you have to meet some requirements. There are many required qualifications related to the educational degree, knowledge, experience, skill, etc to be met. The detailed ETL developer job requirements are provided in the following list:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field, especially Information Technology or Computer Science
  • Good knowledge of coding such as SQL, XML, and Java
  • Proficient in warehousing architecture techniques such as EDW, DM, ODS, ROLAP, and MOLAP
  • ETL developer work experience
  • Strong skills in project management
  • Ability to analyze the big-picture data needs of a company
  • Clear skills in communication
  • Ability to troubleshoot & solve complex technical problems

ETL Developer Job Description FAQs

Can I edit the posted ETL developer job description template here?

Of course, you can. This ETL developer job description template is editable. So, just feel free to tailor it to your needs. In fact, the job responsibilities and requirements of an ETL can vary depending on the company.

Do you have interview questions for an ETL?

Besides providing the ETL developer job description, this web also provides a collection of questions you can use for interviewing candidates who meet the requirements. You can find the interview questions on another page.


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