Night Auditor Job Description

Night Auditor Job Description for Hotel Front Desk

A Night Auditor job description informs on the performance in the hotel’s desk as an Accountant. Truthfully, it also works as a Front Desk Agent by completing various duties during the night shift. Well, the Night Auditor job description in the hotel outlines all about the profession in detail. Utilize this understandable facility to run your plan smoothly.

Night Auditor Job Description comes along with 9 Duties

Let’s know deeper the Night Auditor job description from the scratch. This staff works in the evening in a hotel at the front desk so it calls as the Front Desk Agent. It completes accountant duties from bookkeeping, checking guest both in and out, and processing finances. Besides that, the Night Auditor attends to guest requests. Well, 9 duties below are detailed information on the responsibilities:

  1. The Night Auditor is in charge of store hotel financial records in order.
  2. It engages to process room charges, transactions, invoices, refunds, and others.
  3. This Front Desk Agent must prepare as well as distribute employee checks.
  4. It is mandatory to verify all accounts keep balancing using documentation.
  5. The Night Auditor must check guests in the hotel both in and out.
  6. It should respond to guests’ requirements, necessaries, and complaints.
  7. The Front Desk Agent is mandatory to make reservations and answer the phone.
  8. List any follow-up tasks and summarize each night’s operations for management.
  9. Lastly, the Night Auditor must adhere to End of Day procedures.

7 Requirements on Night Auditor Job Description to comply with

After presenting night duties, the Night Auditor job description shows 7 requirements to meet. It consists of:

  • A Night Auditor only uses a high school diploma.
  • It has to add past experience in hospitality or customer service.
  • The Front Desk Agent also must possess experience in administrative tasks and accounting procedures.
  • The Night Auditor demands to prove the proficient with computers.
  • It has a stunning analytical mind, with a strong affinity for numbers and attention to detail.
  • Besides that, it has a good organizational, proactive work ethic, time-management, and Self-motivated.
  • Lastly, the Night Auditor is mandatory to have a great aptitude for customer service.

Such as usual, this template often gives additional information or suggestion. At this time, it directs to make the best interview questions using the Night Auditor job description. Such as you know, it is the most effective tool to do anything relating to the job position. Try to make the questions about their skills, experience, ability, and knowledge. Emphasize some points to make sure of your decision later on. Thank you for reading. Good luck!


  • What is a Night Auditor?

A Night Auditor or Front Desk Agent is a hotel’s staff working in the evening to complete accounting tasks. Checking in and out guests, attend to their demands, processing finances, and bookkeeping are the primary duties.

  • What is the Night Auditor Experience to prove?

Although it just a high school diploma, it demands to have two kinds of experience. It must possess accounting procedures as well as administrative tasks experience. Then, it should prove the experience in hospitality or customer service.

  • What skills to have by the Night Auditor?

The skills in time-management and organization must exceptional.


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