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10+ Birthday List Template Ideas

It is very important to plan a birthday. You certainly want to invite important people you know. In this case, you will need a birthday list template. This will ease your task to plan a birthday. This kind of template comes in different formats. So, you can use your desired one.

What is a Birthday List Template?

This is a kind of list that contains the list of birthdays of your family, friends, and other people you know. So, you will not miss saying happy birthday to them. Besides that, you will also not forget giving gifts to them in their birthday.

Usually, a birthday list is created in form of list. However, it may also come in a table. The most important thing is that it lists the birthday dates of people you know. You can make a list of birthday in a whole or entire year.

What to Include in a Birthday List Template?

There are a few details that should exist in a birthday list. It usually starts with the title. Besides that, a birthday list birthday in the entire year. In the list of birthday, the information that must be added includes the month, the date, and the persons who have birthdays.

Besides those main details, you can also add other needed information. For example, it is a good idea to add notes that relate to the category of the persons who have birthdays whether they are your friends, family, colleagues, etc.

If needed, it is also good to add the phone numbers of each person who has birthday. You can also add the information about their home addresses, social media, etc. The more complete information you add, the better it will be. So, you will be able to contact them easily.

How to Make a Birthday List Template

Creating a birthday list is challenging enough. It can be difficult or easy depending on many factors. Firstly, you have to decide what tool you will use to make it. After that, entitle the list. Then, you can start creating the list with a table, column, or something else.

Next, you have to include all the needed information such as the month, date, name, and contact details. A birthday list can be printed on a sheet of paper or you may only save it on your device like computer, Smartphone, tablet, etc.

Tips to Make a Birthday List Template

To create a birthday list, it will be much easier if you use our template. In this article, you can find a collection of templates for a birthday list such as a birthday shopping list, birthday guest list, friend birthday list, family birthday list, etc.

Our birthday list template is available in different designs, format, and details. Since all of the templates are downloadable & editable, just feel free to pick and edit it to fit your needs. This kind of list can be used by kids, students, parents, or anyone who needs it.

Printable Birthday List Template Sample

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