Administrative Services Manager Job Description and Its FAQ


The administrative services manager is also known as the office manager. It is an essential position inside the company. Based on the administrative services manager job description, we can see that a person in this position will supervise the operation of the administrative department to ensure that all needs are running well and smoothly.

Administrative Services Manager Job Description Templates

Since the important roles of the administrative services manager, the organized and the proactive candidates will be looked for by the company. It is quite reasonable because with the experienced agent, the needs of the company can be handled maximally and the problems can be avoided.

Well, for the recruiter that wants to make new recruitment, using the job description template of administrative services manager can be a helper. The template here will deliver a default shape and scheme of the job description with detailed information about the administrative services manager.

It means, by using a template of the administrative services manager job description, you do not need to make the recruitment document from a blank paper. Besides, all you need to do is only personalizing detailed information and change it with your needs.

Administrative Services Manager Responsibilities

After the recruitment process, the selected candidate will face some responsibilities to run their new position. Of course, all responsibilities should be handled maximally to stabilize the running of the business company.

Some responsibilities of the administrative services manager to be handled are:

  • Ensuring that all matters about the office, such as system, policies, procedures, and workspaces are in great condition and all matters are running well
  • Assisting the employee with the office space installation and design
  • Overseeing the maintenance, replacement of office, and others
  • Ensuring that all information and the records of the company are well-organized
  • Monitoring and handling the staff to value their performance, especially when they do the basic tasks
  • Enforcing and establishing the regulations, guidelines, budgets, and timelines of the departments
  • Creating, reviewing, and reporting the data of the department and using the detailed information to solve some potential problems facing by the department
  • Hiring, training, coaching and leading the support the staff members
  • Developing, analyzing, reviewing, and implementing the system and controls of the administrative department
  • Directing and evaluating the operations of the administrative department

Administrative Services Manager Requirements

These are some requirements that a candidate should consider in joining the process. Some requirements to be considered are:

  • High school diploma or equivalent fields
  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration
  • Ability to analyze kinds of information and develop some effective solutions
  • Strong planning skills
  • Good critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Good task and management skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

Administrative Services Manager FAQ

What are the main duties of the administrative services manager?

Managing the administrative job becomes the main duty of a person in this position. However,

Can I edit the job description template of the administrative services manager here?

Yes, you can. All templates of administrative services manager job descriptions on this page are editable. You just need to download it by clicking the download button and then edit the whole information using Microsoft Office.


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