Client Services Manager Job Description handles clients smartly

Client Services Manager job description carries numerous duties more than handling customers’ questions. It has two other names such as Client Relations Managers and Customer Care Managers. Have you ever see or read the Client Services Manager job description sample? See it now or use it to extend your knowledge.

Client Services Manager Job Description notes 9 Responsibilities

Commonly, the Client Services Manager just handles and addresses client queries. Then, it develops to improve strategies in customer services. It also authorizes products’ refunds, trains other staff of client services, and carries new clients on board. Alongside that, the Customer Care Managers maintain business relationships with the clients.

Anyway, the Client Services Manager job description eases the comprehension through 9 duties. Look at below:

  1. The Client Relations Manager is mandatory to develop the platform of communicating effectively both for staff and clients.
  2. Provide repeat-business inspiration from clients.
  3. Undertake customer service presentations and workshops.
  4. The Care Customer Manager must measure while monitoring client satisfaction.
  5. Keep liaising to focus on client queries with different departments.
  6. The Client Services Manager also offers advice about products and services to the client.
  7. Capture client information as well as develop surveys.
  8. The Customer Care Manager must participate in marketing campaigns.
  9. Deal with client requests as well as troubleshoot problems.

Client Service Manager Job Description notes 5 Requirements

It turns out the candidate can work as the Customer Care Manager with a few requirements. The Client Services Manager job description has prepared 5 requirements for the candidates. It includes:

  • The Customer Care Manager position receives a business degree or equivalent.
  • The communication skills both written and verbal for the Client Services Manager must be strong.
  • The ability to meet deadlines for the Client Relations Manager must be excellent.
  • It masters computer literacy, general business knowledge, self-motivated, and reliable.
  • Demonstrate professional behavior, calm, polite, and high service orientation.

Have you planned the questions for the interview session? Complete your plan here along with this template. You quite prepare some interview questions about how to address unreasonable clients. Ask about whether the candidate ever had to say no or not to the client. Continue with asking about how to handle the circumstance. Next, ask about the criteria of good customer service for the candidate. Find out how they address the problems that they are not sure to handle. Lastly, ask about the willingness to the extra mile for a client.

Okay, that is the information on the Client Service Manager job description in detail. Thank you for staying abreast from initial until they know about how to interview the candidate. Good luck!


  • What is a Client Services Manager?

It is a professional staff with other names of Client Relation Manager and Customer Care Manager. The roles are assisting the clients to answer their questions and resolve their problems.

  • What are the other duties of the Client Services Manager?

Besides handling the clients, it should improve customer service by developing strategies. Train other staff, authorize product refunds, maintain business relationships, until bringing new clients.

  • What the Client Services Manager should master or possess?

The Client Services Manager must possess a high service orientation, some skills, and positive behaviors. Know more requirements only in this template.


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