Art Teacher Job Description: the Secret to getting love by Students

Art Teacher job description informs on how to teach the students about art in elementary and secondary schools. The responsibilities are light enough where it just instructs to draw, paint, and color. However, it is also in charge of teaching about the history of art. The Art Teacher job description sample is available here if you are looking for it.

Art Teacher Job Description has 10 pleasurable Duties

This template informs on 10 exciting duties of art for the teacher. The Art Teacher job description will explain it properly such as below:

  1. First of all, the Art Teacher just plan lessons based on the students’ learning objectives. Of course, it still regards art and art history.
  2. Prepare the classroom by setting up and gathering tools.
  3. The Art Teacher should improve some techniques to the students like painting, drawing, and coloring.
  4. Provide detailed instructions about how to use some media. For examples are charcoal pencils, graphite, watercolor paint, acrylic, and oil.
  5. The Art Teacher must teach about art history to the students.
  6. It is mandatory to assign projects to the students. Then, undertake to grade as well as test them.
  7. The Art Teacher is mandatory to record the progress of the students also report it.
  8. Same as other teachers, it must ensure the cleanliness of the classroom after the lesson.
  9. Monitor source art supplies and inventory are accordingly necessary.
  10. Lastly, the Art Teacher should attend parent-teacher and faculty meetings.

Art Teacher Job Description compiles with 7 Requirements

How to be an Art Teacher with professional performance? Professionalism must exist in each teacher’s soul including this profession. Therefore, it needs suitable requirements to achieve the aim. In the meantime, the Art Teacher job description prepares 7 requirements to meet:

  • The Art Teacher is mandatory to graduate from Fine Arts in a bachelor’s degree. The field must relate to teaching qualification or equivalent.
  • Show the prior Art Teacher experience.
  • It must possess various kinds of art techniques excellently.
  • The excellent skills for the Art Teacher include verbal and written communication, planning, and problem-solving.
  • It can oversee group work.
  • The Art Teacher must flexible and supportive disposition.
  • Occasionally, it demands to work during the evenings.

It seems not difficult to meet the duties and requirements. Most Art Teacher gets a special sense in the students’ heart because this lesson is truly exciting. They can find their talent or improve it without a burden. Indeed, art lesson is different from others like mathematics, science, even language. Thank you for staying abreast of the Art teacher job description. Good luck!


  • What is an Art Teacher?

The Art Teacher exists in secondary and primary schools. It is in charge of teaching the students about art history, painting, drawing, and coloring.

  • What degree and skills that the Art Teacher must demonstrate?

It should graduates from the Fine Arts in a bachelor’s degree that contain teaching qualification. The skills to master proficiently include communication, planning, as well as problem-solving.

  • How does the work system of the Art Teacher?

It should be willing to work in the evenings, occasionally, and can oversee group work. Do not forget to master a variety of art techniques.



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