Health Information Technology Job Description 2020 with 7 Duties  

Health Information Technology job description guides to work and apply for the job. It must exist in each hospice and clinic to maintain and process medical records. The profession with another name Medical Records Technician manages information from several parties. Learn the Health Information Tech job description in detail.

Health Information Technology Job Description notes 7 Responsibilities

Such as you know, the Health Information Technology manages the information by processing and maintaining the medical records. The staff that works for the clinic or hospital gathers the information from the patients, physicians, and healthcare specialists. In detail, the Health Information Technology job description shows 7 responsibilities. Look at below:

  1. The Medical Record Technician will receive patient forms and process them. It as well as receive medical histories, and medical professionals test results.
  2. Ensure the accuracy and correctness of the information that the technician gathers by analyzing it.
  3. Health Information Technology must claim insurance and assess health records.
  4. It is mandatory to ensure adherence to confidentiality regulations and laws.
  5. Manage clinical registration and databases as well as update them.
  6. Allocate suitable clinical codes using classification software. It is useful to examine data and insurance compensation.
  7. Effectively, implement an electronic health record system.

Health Information Technology Job Description carries 5 Requirements

This profession just needs 5 requirements to works professionally within handling medical information. Health Information Technology job description draws them such as below:

  • Health Information Technology field in a bachelor’s degree matches for the job position. But, the relevant field and degree still have the same chance to enroll.
  • The requirements ask for the experience of working in a medical record department at least in 2 years.
  • It should possess excellent abilities in analytical, research, and coding.
  • The Medical Record Technician must show an in-depth knowledge of information systems and computers.
  • Health Information Technology has stunning skills in communication and organizational.

Seemly, this template still remains a little bit space to add some information. At this time, this chance matches to reveal the interview questions. Firstly, the question must direct to the essential knowledge of the patient’s medical file information. Ask about how the candidate keeps upgrading the patient files. You should ask about how to prioritize and manage a large workload. Let the candidate informs the reason to use the health information technology software. Ask about how to keep the confidentiality of the patient information.

Well, that is all about the Health Information Technology job description in detail to know and perceive. This template as well as adds some keys to make the most effective interview queries to screen the candidate. Feel free to utilize the job description for the Medical Records Technician. Good luck!


  • What is Health Information Technology?

It is the staff working in the hospital or clinic for processing while managing medical records. The profession with another name of Medical Record Technician gets accurate information from the patients. Besides that, it gathers from the doctors and other healthcare specialists.

  • What Health Information Technology must possess?

It should have some abilities like analytical, coding, research, and some skills like communication and organizational. The knowledge of computers, as well as the information system, must be awesome.

  • How long does the Health Information Technology working experience?

The prior experience in the medical record department is at least 2 years.


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