Lot Attendant Job Description for 20 years old and more

Lot Attendant job description still discusses the responsibilities and qualifications in detail. This profession has a specific area in motor vehicle dealerships and handles numerous duties. Have you ever heard about the Lot Attendant job description for a resume before? Let’s know it now and perceive it deeply.

9 Liabilities to create Lot Attendant Job Description Effectively

Once again, Lot Attendant is a worker specialist that works in motor vehicle dealerships. The responsibilities are plenty like receiving motor vehicles, move, and arrange. On the other hand, they also maintain the performance and appearance of vehicles. Even, the Lot Attendant also makes sure the vehicle lot of the orderliness. Numerous Lot Attendants must park vehicles in the current areas. It checks the damage of the motor vehicles, lists, as well as store keys.

Let’s outlines them one by one where the Lot Attendant job description has prepared 9 liabilities. Scroll down:

  1. Lot Attendant must attend meetings and participate in training.
  2. Ensure the presentable and cleanliness of the vehicles. Besides that, it makes sure the vehicles in good organization and free from debris, trash, and litter.
  3. Arrange and park vehicles to the areas according to the instruction.
  4. The Lot Attendant gives a guarantee to the dealership license plate frames to vehicles.
  5. Check new vehicles, display factory, selling price, and addendum stickers.
  6. Supervise and maintain keys.
  7. The Lot Attendant ensures the most marketable vehicle displaying first. Then, it places new inventory in empty spaces also replace sold vehicles.
  8. Report to a supervisor about the arising issues on the vehicles.
  9. Adhere to all procedures and policies that the company sets.

5 Requirements on Lot Attendant Job Description to follow, understand and meet

There are 5 requirements to meet this profession and work immediately. According to the Lot Attendant job description, the requirements are simple and easy to meet. It is such as:

  • The Lot Attendant must possess a minimum age of 20 years.
  • It must show a valid driver’s license moreover it work in the related field. Besides that, the ability to drive vehicles both automatic transmission and manual must be proficient.
  • Show the clean driving record, background screening, and completion of the drug.
  • The communication skills both written and verbal must be outstanding but prioritize the written skills. The Lot Attendant will use it to follow the instructions of basic written.
  • Besides that, the Lot Attendant should show outstanding organizational skills.

Amid the difficulty of getting a job, this open position can be a good chance for many people. Moreover, the requirements and duties are not too difficult to conduct. Thank you for following the Lot Attendant job description and learn the content. Utilize it wisely! Good luck!


  • What is the minimum age to work as the Lot Attendant?

The candidate from 20 years old can be the lot attendant but it must meet the other qualifications. It must have a driving license, clean driving record, completion of drug, as well as background screening.

  • Which requirements make this profession differ from other jobs?

The Lot Attendant must possess a proficient ability to ride any motor vehicles. Both manual and automatic transmission must be familiar for the Lot Attendant.

  • What skill must emphasize?

It must favor the writing skills to follow the basic instructions on writing.



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