Business Operations Manager Job Description as C-Level Executive

Business Operations Manager job description is a good reference to compile your template effectively. It knows how to guide you for the most effective result without starting from scratch. The Business Operations Manager job description for resume undertakes by highlighting the responsibilities and duties. It includes the liabilities in leading the company’s operational activities.

10 Duties for Business Operations Manager Job Description

For your information, the Business Operations Manager is the same as the Operations Director and Chief Operations Officer (COO). Seemly, this template had ever discussed both previously. Feel free to check them immediately after this. Of course, you will be more understanding of the manager in the C-level executive.

Leading operational activities in a company is the main duty. It realizes by designing the company’s initiatives. Then, it continues to execute, manage, operate, and report them to the CEO. For detailed information, pay attention to the Business Operations Manager job description review below:

  1. Firstly, the Business Operations Manager holds a collaboration to create a budget along with the relevant parties.
  2. It must supervise accounting, bank processes, and money handling.
  3. The Business Operations Manager is in charge to ensure the growth of the company by employing strategies.
  4. Address theft and stock losses by implementing plans.
  5. It turns out the duty of employing strategies implies control of company costs.
  6. Create and generate reports on finances.
  7. The Business Operations Manager must undertake staff performance reviews wisely. Then, motivate staff members that need it.
  8. Influence better business practices.
  9. Manage the initiatives of marketing.
  10. Lastly, the Business Operations Manager must provide exceed expectations to customers and company goals. It does by maximizing operating potential.

5 Qualifications in Business Operations Manager Job Description

In this section, the template of the Business Operations Manager job description shows 5 qualifications. It consists of:

  • Business Operations Manager looks for a Business Administration in a bachelor’s degree.
  • It is mandatory to show successfully management experience for 5+ years. The experience includes complex operations, finances, strategies, and the enterprise’s human resources.
  • This staff can manage complex budgets and ethical leadership proficiently.
  • The Business Operations Managers can create projections for three years ahead.
  • Demonstrate outstanding skills in written, people, and verbal.

Thank you for following the Business Operations Manager job description. You should follow this template until it finishes because it is free and beneficial. Moreover, the primary liability is leading the company’s operational activities. One of the duties will connect to the CEO directly. Feel free to utilize it. Good luck!


  • What is the Business Operations Manager?

Business Operations Manager is the staff under the CEO where it has two other names. COO (Chief Operations Officer) and Operations Director are the synonyms of the profession.

  • What does the main Responsibility of Business Operations Manager?

Leading the operations activities of the manufacturer is the primary duty. Behind the primary duties, plenty of responsibilities are waiting for undertaking immediately. It relates to design initiatives until reports to the CEO.

  • What is the educational background of the Business Operations Manager?

Business Administration in the bachelor’s degree is the educational background of Business Operations Manager. However, it asks for a minimum of 5 years of working experience successfully in some aspects. Check them in the template!


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