Shuttle Bus Driver Job Description and Its FAQ


Inside the transportation company, the shuttle bus driver becomes an important agent that will face transport various kinds of groups, such as school children, tourists, elderly individuals, and others safe with the modern bus daily.

Shuttle Bus Driver Job Description Templates

To maximize the services of the transportation company, the highly organized shuttle bus driver will be searched. It is quite reasonable because the company tries to please every passenger that they have and that target only can be reached with the trusted shuttle bus driver.

For the recruiter, to get a trusted business easily, they can use the job description templates of the shuttle bus driver. The template will show the default job description of the driver that is commonly used. It means you do not need to make it from a blank document.

Using a template can be a good solution, especially when you –as the recruiter, are in the deadline of the recruitment process. Moreover, today, these are many websites that provide the template for the shuttle bus driver job description that can be downloaded for free.

Shuttle Bus Driver Responsibilities

For the candidate, after the recruitment process and they are chosen as a new agent, of course, these are some responsibilities that they need to handle. The responsibilities will test their competency and of course, it will be the focal point of the company to value them.

Well, some responsibilities to be faced by the shuttle bus driver are:

  • Observing all relevant safety laws and traffics
  • Ensuring that the shuttle bus is well-maintained, presentable all the times, and is fueled
  • Checking the destination of the passengers and make sure that it is right
  • Reporting and recording all major accidents and incidents to the supervisor
  • Separating the physical fight in every situation
  • Avoiding the accident-prone route and high-traffic when it is possible
  • Measuring the capacity of the shuttle bus both for the seated and standing passengers
  • Confirming that all passengers are present as it is planned
  • Collating and editing the schedules of transport based on the needs of the passengers

Shuttle Bus Driver Requirements

There will be some requirements as the requisite for the candidate before joining as the new shuttle bus driver for the transportation company. The requirements also become the measurement to value the competency of the candidate.

Well, some requirements to be considered by the candidate are:

  • Individual transport certified via the shuttle bus
  • Previous experience driving some groups of people
  • Outstanding knowledge about the safety codes and the applicable transport
  • Experience of first aid training
  • Excellent route planning abilities
  • Ability to work in flexible hours
  • Good communication skills both verbal and written
  • Ability to handle the difficult situation

Shuttle Bus Driver FAQ

What are the main duties of the shuttle bus driver?

Driving the shuttle bus and deliver the passenger on their destination becomes the main duties of the shuttle bus driver. However, a driver also needs to learn about the traffic to ensure that the journey with the bus will be safe.

Can I edit the job description template of the shuttle bus driver here?

Yes, you can. Samples and templates of the shuttle bus driver job description here are editable. You can get the file by downloading it and then edit detailed information inside it using Microsoft Word.


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