10+ Printable Bug Report Template

Bug Report Template to Fix the Problems

When there is a new agenda, event, or product, getting a response from the people is needed. The responses can be a good matter to do some improvement. Well, that is why for the management, knowing about the bug report template is essential.

Do you ever hear about the bug report before?

A bug report is also known as a test report. It is a document that is shown the problem inside the agenda, program, or product. The bug report in common becomes the source and consideration by the management to do some improvements.

What is Bug Report?

As we have said before, the bug report sometimes is known as a test report. This document is applied to measure the detailed efficiency, quality, and others. As its name, the document also shows the bug or problem of products, programs, or agendas that should be criticized.

When the problem or bug is known, the stakeholder and management can make some evaluations. That is why the bug reports important to be gotten. Through the bug report, the management could know what the wrong side is and what the things that they need to do.

What Are Elements of Bug Report?

For those who are curious about the bug report, there are some elements of it to be known. We are sure that the elements are not exact. It means some reports may have some different elements.

The first element of the bug report is the project information. Of course, some detailed information about the projects should be known before delivering the problem or bug.

Then, the bug report should consist of the test objective. The objective here will be very essential to make sure the standard that is used. It means the bug occurs because some matters have below quality than the standard.

Another element of the bug report is the test summary. The detailed test should be explained, so the management will know the detailed bug.

How to Write a Bug Report?

To write a bug report, there are some steps to follow. Of course, following some steps will ease you to make it and the result of your bug report may be better.

Some steps to follow in making a bug report are:

  • State and determine the detailed purpose
  • Determine the detailed scope and metrics of the bug report
  • Identify the testing method in making the bug report
  • Gather the result and insight of the bug report
  • Interpret the finding date
  • Note the recommendations

Well, through some points above, you may create a clear bug report. However, you need to make sure that every piece of information inside the bug report is written formally since a bug report is a formal document.

Using Bug Report Template

When you think that making the bug report is difficult and complex, try using the template. A template of the bug report can be the solution. By using a template, there is a default shape of the bug report to be applied.

On this page, we have several samples of the bug report template to get. Of course, it is free and the templates are easy to be edited.

Printable Bug Report Template Sample

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