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Cafe Menu Template and How to Create It Effortlessly

Running a cafe can be a tedious job. However, it is also rewarding. The cafe business belongs to a booming industry. It dominates the market significantly. To make a cafe business successful, you have to give the best service to guests. One of the ways is by presenting a nice cafe menu template.

What Is a Cafe Menu?

A cafe menu can be defined as a list of food & beverage items along with their prices offered to customers. It usually comes in printed sheets of paper. However, it may also come in digital screens, display boards, or large posters. It belongs to a marketing tool.

This menu template also enables the cafe business to communicate what it has to offer. Usually, items on the menu vary depending on the kind of cafe & the type of food served. Anyway, a cafe food menu template is always needed.

Types of Cafe Menus

Cafe menus are available in different types:

  • Beverage Menu

Many cafes offer beverage menus for their customers who want drinks with their companions. Usually, it provides suggestions on the best drink menus. The menu of drinks may contain coffees, teas, wines, cocktails, and many more.

  • Static Menu

Besides the cafe beverage menu template, there is also a static menu. It is usually used by a cafe that offers the same set of foods or drinks for longer periods. The foods/beverages may come in different categories.

  • Desert Menu

This kind of menu is not only available at restaurants but also cafes. The examples of desert menu include pastries, cakes, etc.

How to Create a Cafe Menu Template

Creating a menu template for cafe requires you to follow a few steps:

  • Plan your layout!

Firstly, you will have to brainstorm ideas. You should figure out what goes on the cafe menu by writing the basics on a piece of paper.

  • Write the descriptions!

It will be a good idea to keep it informative. You can cover the ingredients of each menu included.

  • Organize your elements!

The cafe menu layout is a reflection of the cafe itself. So, you have to think about the theme, styles, and colors. Besides that, the elements should also be organized strategically.

  • Add Photos with Caution!

To make it more attractive, it is better to add photos with caution. It really makes a positive impact on the ordering decision of a customer.

  • Finalize the content!

You have to take a moment to proofread your cafe menu before you print it out. You may need to pay attention to design elements, writings, etc.

Tips for Creating a Cafe Menu Template

When creating a cafe menu, you should consider a few tips.

  • Use descriptive labels!
  • Categorize the contents!
  • Remember your brand!
  • Use separate menus for drinks & desserts!
  • Invest in quality printing!
  • Don’t make a price list!
  • Don’t make it difficult to read!
  • Don’t put too many items!
  • Don’t use unprofessional graphics!
  • Don’t do it alone!

Designing a cafe menu template is very challenging. However, it can also be frustrating. With our editable template, you will be able to create your own cafe menu effortlessly.

Printable Cafe Menu Template Sample




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