Recruiter Job Description 2020 in Detailed Information

Recruiter job description draws the work system of a Human Resources Specialist or Technical Recruiter. The responsibility attracts suitable candidates that are suitable for a position. It turns out this responsibility is not as simple as you think. The Recruiter job description sample outlines some duties as well as qualifications in detail.

Recruiter Job Description and Plenty of Responsibilities

The Recruiter responds to attract appropriate candidates for the job position that it opens. It continues for assessing the relevant experience and knowledge. On the other hand, the recruiter must remain up-to-date on the qualifications of the various positions. In the company, it must act as an advocate in front of established and new employees.

Well, the main responsibilities of the Human Resources Specialist sound simple and easy to conduct. It changes not as simple as you think after the Recruiter job description outlining in 10 duties. Look at below:

  1. A Recruiter works from identifying the needs of future hiring. Then, it continues to develop job descriptions as well as specifications.
  2. Willing to collaborate with department managers to arrange a list of requirements consistently.
  3. Utilize social media, databases, until online employment forums to attract suitable candidates.
  4. Fill the open positions by interviewing and sorting the candidates.
  5. Find the best suit open position by assessing the candidate’s skills, knowledge, and experience.
  6. Complete paperwork for new employees.
  7. Demonstrate good employment opportunities by promoting the company’s attractiveness and reputation.
  8. The Recruiter will manage internship programs.
  9. Always update the current regulations and legislation of employment. Then, enforce them to the company.
  10. Prepare recruitment reports and give them to team managers.

Recruiter Job Description 2020 and the 7 Requirements to meet

There are 7 requirements according to the Recruiter job description. It consists of:

  • Human Resources in a bachelor’s degree is the right educational background of the Recruiter.
  • The recruiter can undertake different interview types.
  • It has proven experience with recruitment databases and processes.
  • It can design as well as implement strategies of recruiting.
  • The Recruiter must possess proficient communication skills.
  • It can show good interpersonal also decision-making skills.
  • Extraordinary working knowledge of employment legislation and law.

Why do you must implement the Recruiter job description? You, surely, want to have a professional Human Resources Specialist that will screen prospective candidates. This profession is the key to have skillful employees according to their position. If it wrong chooses the employee the company will miss operation and bankrupt. So, make sure you have the best Recruiter after this. Thank you for reading. Good luck!


  • What is Recruiter?

It is a Recruiter Technician or Human Resources Specialist that has specific responsibilities. According to the name, it is easy to guess the responsibilities. One of them is responding to hire new employees and place them rightly.

  • What are the other Chief Responsibilities of the Recruiter?

The Recruiter has some main responsibilities for assessing the attractive candidates on the skills, knowledge, and experience. Alongside that, it must act as the advocate for all employees both new and senior.

  • What Skills and Educational Background of the Recruiter?

It must master three skills awesomely from communication, decision-making, as well as interpersonal. Meanwhile, the educational background must come from Human Resources at a bachelor’s degree.



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