Respiratory Therapist Job Description outlines new Facts

Respiratory Therapist job description reveals that the responsibilities and clients are various. This staff is a specialist for breathing problems from light until chronic. The Respiratory Therapist job description resume also states that it is possible to handle other emergency conditions. Just follow this template to know more information.

12 Duties for compiling Respiratory Therapist Job Description

There will be 12 duties in this Respiratory Therapist job description to adhere to and conduct. It is the description of the main responsibility of this Respiratory Therapy Technician (synonym). Specifically, it assists with patients that get breathing difficulties like asthma and emphysema. The patients are from infants, adults, and the lung disease sufferers. On the other hand, this technician is possible to assist people with drowning, shock, until health attacks.

For more information, look at 12 duties to know:

  1. The Respiratory Therapist monitors physiological responses to therapy on the patient. It is such as blood chemistry, vital signs, arterial blood gases, and lung function changes. It will consult to the proper doctors if it discovers adverse reactions.
  2. Willingness to work as parts of the healthcare professional teams to manage patients. The Respiratory Therapy Technician assists with patients on the medical procedures.
  3. It is in charge to prepare and operate devices like mechanical ventilators, aerosol generators, and environmental control systems. Another operating device is a therapeutic gas administration apparatus.
  4. Adhere to use the specific parameters of treatment.
  5. Give an external cardiac massage or artificial respiration as emergency care. The Respiratory Therapist can conduct it by aiding cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  6. Ensure the respiratory therapy equipment keep efficiently and safely by giving some treatments. It can be in the form of inspecting, cleaning, maintaining, and testing the equipment.
  7. Maintain charts with therapy information and patient identification.
  8. Assessing patient circumstances by reading prescriptions, measuring arterial blood gases, and lung capacity. The Respiratory Therapist also reviews other information.
  9. Convey the result of blood analysis to the proper physician.
  10. If necessary, the technician undertakes an emergency visit to address equipment problems. Even, it is in charge to order equipment repair if necessary.
  11. Ask for liaising with patients by describing health care treatment procedures to them.
  12. The Respiratory Therapist must check the patients’ pulmonary function.

6 Requirements for Respiratory Therapist Job Description

Respiratory Therapist job description carries 6 requirements to adhere to:

  • The Respiratory Therapist must complete the respiratory therapy program or technical course from an accredited college.
  • It has a certification of registration in NBRC (National Board for Respiratory Care). It has the recent certification of CPR or BLS from the American Red Cross or American Heart Association.
  • The Respiratory Therapy Technician should possess the current licenses of LPN, RCP, or RN in the state of practice.
  • It has current and valid auto insurance and driving license.
  • Demonstrate the experience with emergency care, respiratory equipment, intensive care experience, and respiratory care.
  • In-depth knowledge of pulmonary rehabilitation and function.

Thank you for staying abreast of Respiratory Therapist job description information in detail. Feel free to utilize and get new Respiratory Therapist with the proper skills. Good luck!


  • What registration certificate must possess by the Respiratory Therapist?

It should show the valid certification of CPR, NBRC, or BLS from the American Heart Association or American Red Cross.

  • What License to possess by the staff besides driving license?

It must have the current license of RCP, LPN, or RN.

  • What other duties besides addressing breathing problems?

The Respiratory Therapist aids people with shock, drowning, until a heart attack.



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