Steward Job Description for handling all duties professionally

Steward job description shows the responsibilities of keeping a restaurant until conducting basic administrative tasks. Cleaning sanitary and lounge still becomes its liability besides assisting customers and cleaning dishes. The kitchen Steward job description template is so complete. Nonetheless, the duties and requirements are easy to understand.

Steward Job Description appears along with 10 Responsibilities

Let’s recall your memory of the information about steward on this page. It is a staff that assists in keeping a bar, restaurant, clean, as well as sanitary. Besides customer service and cleaning dishes, it may also complete the basic administrative tasks. The administrative tasks for steward are asking reservations, giving out basic information, and answering phones. By the way, the Steward job description has 10 responsibilities from those primary duties:

  1. The Steward must clean and set tables, then place table cloths, candles, and seasonal decorations.
  2. Welcome customers, bring to their seat, and then serve them water. It includes delivering beverages coming from the bartender and refilling their glasses.
  3. The Steward must keep the cleanliness of menus as well as present them to customers.
  4. Assist wait staff to complete all service aspects like serving stations. It uses utensils, condiments, napkins, and trays.
  5. Prepare and clean tables for the customers.
  6. Assist to open and close tasks as well as cleaning.
  7. Scrap food from dirty plates, dishes, pans, pots, glasses, and flatware. Then, wash as put them away.
  8. Assist with polishing, sweeping, and mopping the equipment, bar, restaurant, and kitchen.
  9. Transport used linen both to and from the housekeeping section or laundry.
  10. Help to unload and store stock.

7 Steward Job Description Qualifications to meet and apply in 2020

Pay attention to the following qualification in this Steward job description. Each party must pay attention to and meet to apply for the job position. You need them to hire staff and the candidates need them to meet your demand. Well, these are 8 qualifications below:

  • The Steward quite graduates from high school or equivalent.
  • However, it must meet the limit of the age of serve alcoholic beverages.
  • The characters of the Steward are polite, friendly, and courteous nature.
  • Both teams working and customer service skills are stunning.
  • It must possess exceptional physical stamina because it will work long hours on your feet.
  • It wants to present high flexibility to work holidays, shifts, weekends, and nights.
  • As the Steward, the organization and communication skills must be outstanding.

Thank you for reading steward job description and understand the duties as well as requirements. Only by utilizing this template, your matter finishes directly. Good luck!


  • What is Steward?

Steward is a staff that appears for assisting the kitchen and lounge in the restaurant and bar. It handles some duties from welcoming customers until undertaking administrative duties.

  • What are the primary liabilities of Steward?

The main Steward’s responsibilities take place in some locations. It exists in the lounge area, kitchen, office, and others.

  • What are the specific requirements for Steward?

It just asks for a high school diploma. However, it must possess, at least, 16 years old for the Steward that will deliver alcoholic beverages from the bar.  Besides that, the characters are friendly, courteous nature, and polite. The physical must be strong and fit.


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