Director of Administration Job Description for overseeing Manager

The Director of Administration job description assists to learn how to oversee the manager. It is in charge to coordinate daily operation functions. Well, the duties of the Head of Administration are still plenty. Therefore, never bore to follow this Head of Administration job description.

Director of Administration Job Description for 10 Duties

Truthfully, people know it as the Operations and Administration Director and the Director of Operations. It is because the administrative tasks are not the only one but the Director of Administration reveals new facts. According to this template, 10 responsibilities contain various kinds of duties:

  1. The Director of Operations starts the job by supervising day-to-day operations.
  2. Afterward, it goes to develop organizational policies.
  3. Also, disbursing funds to managers is the responsibility of this profession.
  4. The Director of Administration is mandatory to manage administrative budgets.
  5. It as well as hires administrative staff and then provide training.
  6. Undertake to negotiate with vendors about contracts and agreements.
  7. Keeping corporate relationships still becomes the duty of the Operations and Administration Director.
  8. Monitoring expenses operational includes the Director of Administration’s liability.
  9. The Director of Administration liaises with other departments and Human Resources.
  10. Lastly, it must update executives on business performance.

Based on the 10 duties of a Director of Operations above, it contains seven main duties. It is in charge to coordinate the functions of daily operations, monitor budgets, request audits, and oversee managers. Then, it also responds to analyze financial data, improve business efficiency, and streamline management system.

Director of Administration Job Description brings 7 Requirements

What do you think about the requirement of the Operations and Administration director? There are 7 requirements according to this Director of Administration job description. Understand the following requirement better if you have ever known them before. Look at below:

  • The Director of Administration must have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.
  • It also has good self-motivated as well as reliability.
  • The Director of Administration must meet some skills excellently like communication, people-management, organizational, and problem-solving.
  • It can prove the experience of budget management.
  • The Director of Administration’s leader qualities are more than strong.
  • Broad business department knowledge including their functions.
  • Once more, the Director of Administration should meet the strategic thinker.

Okay, you should have more understood the rope of this profession and the Director of Administration job description. Without looking for other sources, you can apply for an open job right now. Once more, this job description template has exceptional effectiveness. Good luck!


  • What is the Director of Administration?

It is a professional that handles 7 primary responsibilities and develop into 10 duties afterward. This profession has two other names like Director of Operations as well as Operations and Administration Director.

  • How many skills that the Director of Administration must possess?

There are four skills to master by the Director of Administration from communication also problem-solving. The other two skills are organizational and people-management. The profession that must graduate from Business Administration should be reliable and self-motivated.

  • What does an essential experience for the Director of Administration?

Budget management becomes the most important experience that the candidate must prove directly. However, do not forget the broad knowledge of the functions of the business department.



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