School Bus Driver Job Description shows the Special Sides  

School Bus Driver job description concisely explains two primary liabilities during working. Besides, it must ensure the specific route schedules, it also makes the safety of the passengers during transit. Of course, those responsibilities break into some regular duties. The School Bus Driver job description sample is ready to outline them in detail.

School Bus Driver Job Description realizes in 10 Activities or Duties

In general, the driver also transports students from special events. It is another duty besides carrying to and from schools. The School Bus Driver job description undertakes those responsibilities while keeping students’ safety in 10 duties:

  1. Within ensuring passenger safety, the driver must attentive to weather conditions and traffic.
  2. Always follow the route and schedule according to plan both for departure and stops.
  3. The driver must check the safety of the vehicle regularly from mechanical equipment, brakes, turn signals, and tires.
  4. Monitor as well as report passenger numbers, mileages, and fuel consumption.
  5. Do not forget to report emergencies, delays, and accidents.
  6. Engage to respond to any circumstances both emergency and non-emergency.
  7. Thoroughly inspect the vehicles both before and after the trip.
  8. Assist with load and unload the bus if need.
  9. Enforce the rules of conduct and safety on the bus.
  10. The School Bus Driver must maintain a clean vehicle.

School Bus Driver Job Description informs on 8 Requirements to fill

The School Bus Driver job description informs on 8 requirements with some specific demands. It implies the driver is different from the common category or transportation. For more information, check them below:

  • A School Bus Driver may come from a high school diploma and or GED.
  • However, this profession needs a CDL license.
  • It needs support from passenger and school bus during running duties.
  • The School Bus Driver is mandatory to clean driving record.
  • Do not forget to ask for prior experience as a bus driver.
  • The experience also relates to working with children for a plus.
  • Understand the working knowledge of first aid procedures.
  • The Bus Driver for students needs excellent communication skills.

So, the School Bus Driver is an exceptional professional with a few differences. The passengers are the school students where the driver must act friendly to them. Act patiently is a must because they are kids that might give a little bit of noise. The route of the bus is, of course, different from others. It just serves one school and goes outside with the students for any events. The safety of the students keeps number one so maintaining the vehicle thoroughly becomes the part of the responsibility. Well, you will get the driver with full of hospitality, skillful, and responsible. Feel free to utilize the School Bus Driver job description. Good luck!


  • What makes the School Bus Driver differ from other Drivers?

The differences are concise from the passenger, route, character, and responsibilities. It just transports students from and to school regularly or sometimes in an event.

  • What Character that the School Bus Driver must possess?

Hospitality and patience include essential characters that the driver for the school bus possesses.

  • What are two experiences that the School Bus Driver must prove?

There are two kinds of experiences that the school demands the driver. It relates to the experience in driving the bus and the second is working with kids.



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