Surgical Nurse Job Description and Its FAQ


In every surgery, the doctor will need the surgical nurse. This agent is also known as the scrub nurse or the theater nurse. Based on the surgical nurse job description, we can see that an individual in this position will provide care for the patients during the surgical procedures. On another hand, they also will help the doctor to provide the matters to run the surgery.

Surgical Nurse Job Description Templates

The health department always tries to find the best and motivated surgical nurse. It is quite reasonable since a surgical nurse will face some essential roles as we have said before. On another hand, the talented surgical nurse will increase the success rate of the surgery.

Well, for the recruiter, being selective in recruiting the new surgical nurse is a must. Substantively, these are many ways to be applied, including using the job description template of the surgical nurse in running the recruitment process.

Using the job description template is very useful. Yes, the templates here will provide a default scheme of the job description. It means you –as the recruiter, do not need to make the recruitment document from a blank paper. All you need to do is only personalizing detailed information there.

On another hand, for the candidate, to be a successful surgical nurse, they also need to have some skills. Being available to work under pressure becomes one of the capacities that the candidate should have. Then, a candidate also should be a good communicator.

Surgical Nurse Responsibilities

The selected surgical nurse will face some new responsibilities after the recruitment process. Helping the doctor during the surgery becomes the responsibility of the surgical nurse. However, these are some other responsibilities that will be faced by the selected candidate after the recruitment, such as:

  • Preparing the operating room before it is used by the doctor or specialist
  • Administering detailed medication
  • Intervening where the complications are finding
  • Marking and sterilizing some used sites
  • Assisting the surgeon and anesthetist when it is needed
  • Preparing the patients before the surgery
  • Giving the preoperative instructions when it is needed

Surgical Nurse Requirements

To be selected as a new surgical nurse, a candidate should fill some requirements. The requirements become the tool to measure the competency of the candidate.

Well, some requirements that a candidate needs to know are:

  • Bachelor’s degree of science in nursing
  • License of RN
  • Experiences in clinical fields
  • Responsive in every emergency condition
  • Compassionate
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Good time management skills
  • Excellent communication skills both verbal and written

Surgical Nurse FAQ

What are the main duties of the surgical nurse?

Helping the surgeon becomes the main duty of the surgical nurse. However, in practicing their roles, a person in this position also needs to help the patients facing the surgery.

Can I edit the job description template of the surgical nurse on this page?

Of course, you can. All samples and templates of the surgical nurse job description here are editable. You can click the download button to get the files and then personalize detailed information there.


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