Paraprofessional Job Description and Its FAQ


To maximize the learning process, sometimes the roles of the paraprofessional are needed. Well, a paraprofessional is known as the educational worker without a license. Based on the paraprofessional job description, a person in this position will assist the teacher with the organization and management of the classroom and provide nurturing guides for the students.

Paraprofessional Job Description Templates

The templates of the paraprofessional job description will provide detailed information about this position. Of course, using the template for the recruiter will be very helpful. Yes, the template can be a good basic scheme to provide detailed information about what the paraprofessional needs to do.

On another hand, these are also some requirements inside the template that can be the tool to measure the competency of the candidate when there is a recruitment process to get a new paraprofessional. Of course, through a clear template, getting a competent agent will be easier.

Another benefit of using the job description template of the paraprofessional is the recruiter does not need to make the recruitment document from a blank paper. All they need to do just personalizing detailed information and change it with the new information that they want to share.

Paraprofessional Responsibilities

Helping the teacher becomes the main responsibility of the paraprofessional. However, when a candidate has been selected as the new paraprofessional, they will find some other responsibilities to be handled maximally.

The kinds of responsibilities of the paraprofessional are:

  • Participating in the sessions of lesson planning
  • Communicating with the school officials and parents
  • Reviewing the classwork, leading the small group discussion, and other learning processes under the guidance of the teacher
  • Organizing the classroom and teaching the kinds of materials
  • Monitoring the classroom during the lessons
  • Minimizing the disruptions and distractions
  • Supervising the students as it is needed
  • Helping the teachers and students especially in the extracurricular activities
  • Performing some clerical duties, such as filing, photocopying, typing, tracking the attendance of students, and others
  • Assisting the teacher in counseling parents, especially about the development of the students

Paraprofessional Requirements

To be the selected paraprofessional, of course, the candidate needs to fulfill some asked requirements. The requirements here become the tool to measure the competency level of the candidate.

Some requirements to be considered by the candidate are:

  • Degree of paraprofessional associate
  • Bachelor’s degree in child development or similar fields
  • CPR certifications
  • Experiences in working with the special needs students and children
  • Excellent communication skills both verbal and written
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Experiences with the kinds of educational software
  • Ability to control some different conditions

Paraprofessional FAQ

What are the main duties of the paraprofessional?

Helping the teacher in running the learning process becomes the main duty of the paraprofessional. However, a paraprofessional also needs to manage some needs of the students, especially recording the progress.

Can I edit the posted job description template of the paraprofessional on this page?

Absolutely, yes. All templates of the paraprofessional job description on this page are editable. You can get the files by clicking the download button and edit the detailed information using Microsoft Office.


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