Dental Insurance Coordinator Job Description and Its FAQ


For the dental department, the dental insurance coordinator can be said as one of the most important agents. Well, when we are seeing the dental insurance coordinator job description, a person in this position will verify the health insurance benefits of the patients; make communication with them, and also processing the insurance payments to maximize the services.

Dental Insurance Coordinator Job Description Templates

Since the important roles of the dental insurance coordinator, the department will only hire a talented and motivated agent. It is quite reasonable because making the client satisfy becomes the first target to be done. Only the talented agent that can maximally treat the clients.

Well, for the recruiter, using the job description template of the dental insurance coordinator can be a helper. The template is a useful matter to help them in recruiting the new agent. It provides the default scheme of the job description that will ease the recruitment process.

On another hand, using the template also will give another benefit. Since the template provides the basic information and scheme of the job description, of course, the recruiter does not need to make this document from a blank paper.

Dental Insurance Coordinator Responsibilities

The selected dental insurance coordinator will face some responsibilities after joining the recruitment process. Coordinate the needs of the patients and the payments become the main responsibility to handle. However, these are some other responsibilities to be faced by the dental insurance coordinator such as:

  • Monitoring the detailed reports to confirm the payment from the clients and the insurance companies
  • Uploading the completed verification form of insurance
  • Processing the payments and refunds of insurance
  • Managing the late payments and the overdue accounts
  • Following up on the non-paid claims of insurance
  • Posting the payments made by the clients and patients
  • Generating the reports for all activities
  • Entering the data using the software of dental practice management
  • Explaining the benefits of insurance to the patients
  • Verifying the health insurance benefits to the patients

Dental Insurance Coordinator Requirements

To be the selected dental insurance coordinator, the candidate should fulfill the asked requirements first. The requirements here become the tool to qualify and to measure the competency of the potential candidate.

Some requirements to be fulfilled by the candidate are:

  • GED, high school degree, and related fields
  • Experiences in the dentist office environment
  • Great communication skills both verbal and written
  • Proficient with the detailed data entry
  • Experience in operating the software of dental practice management
  • Experience in operating Microsoft Office
  • In-depth knowledge of the insurance billing code and dental procedures

Dental Insurance Coordinator FAQ

What are the main duties of the dental insurance coordinator?

Verifying the document to manage the insurance becomes the main duty of the dental insurance coordinator. However, a person in this position also needs to generate the report for all activities to determine the progress.

Can I edit the posted job description template of the dental insurance coordinator on this page?

Of course, you can. The completes dental insurance coordinator job description on this page are editable. You can get the files by clicking the download button and then edit the detailed information using Microsoft Office.


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