Account Representative Job Description and Its FAQ


For the company, delivering the best service to the client is a must-to-do thing. That is why the account representative is needed. Based on the account representative job description, an individual in this position will build a better relationship with the clients. Besides, they also will deliver a good service to ensure that the clients are satisfied with the detailed services they give.

Account Representative Job Description Templates

Since the account representative has some crucial tasks, of course, the management will look for the goal-driven agent to drive the sales of the company. In running their task, an individual in this position will sell the additional product and deliver the best services to the clients.

To be a successful account representative, the potential candidate needs to have innovative ways to ensure excellent services. Of course, they also need to have excellent communication skills, especially the verbal to serve the clients in running their roles.

Then, for the recruiter, they can use the job description templates of the account representative. Using the templates will be useful and helpful. The template provides the basic information of what the candidates need to do in running their roles. Besides, they do not need to make the document from a blank paper.

Account Representative Responsibilities

Handling the clients with the best services becomes the main responsibility for the account representative. However, after being selected as the new account representative, the candidate will face some other responsibilities such as:

  • Acting as the main point in the contact of the company and the clients
  • Ensuring that all contracts are signed well as it is planned
  • Preparing the invoices and submitting them to the needed clients
  • Maintaining the accurate record of the clients’ payments
  • Improving the sales levels by attracting new clients with some best strategies
  • Introducing some new products of the company
  • Delivering some new services to the clients
  • Resolving the complaints of the clients with professional manners
  • Reporting the complaints to the management when it is required
  • Developing and maintaining a solid relationship with the clients

Account Representative Requirements

To be the selected account representative, of course, the candidate needs to fill some needed requirements. The requirements itself become the tool to measure the competencies and capabilities of the candidates.

Some requirements to be considered by the candidates of an account representative are:

  • GED or high school diploma
  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing, communication, and other related fields
  • Proven experiences as account representative or a customer service
  • Proficient in all applications of Microsoft Office
  • Ability to multitask
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Effective communication skills both verbal and written
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Good interpersonal skills

Account Representative FAQ

What are the main duties of the account representative to handle?

Delivering the best services to the clients becomes the main duty of the account representative. However, an individual in this position also needs to coordinate with the other staff to find the best strategies in servicing the clients and keeping the relationships.

Can I edit the posted job description template of the account representative on this page?

Yes, you can. All templates and samples of the account representative job description on this page are editable. You can find the files by clicking the download button and then edit the default information using Microsoft Office.


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