Air Traffic Controller Job Description saves Passengers properly

Air Traffic Controller job description draws the performance in assisting the pilot to minimize delays. The technology that it uses also assists to minimize hazard to flight passengers. By the way, the Air Traffic Controller job description resume here is very useful to learn. Let utilize it and know a lot of knowledge and information quickly!

Air Traffic Controller Job Description with 7 heavy Responsibilities

Air Traffic Controller utilizes technology to communicate and monitor potentially dangerous of the flight. It also informs pilots to save passengers or travelers and minimize delays. The technology can monitor and report the change of weather and wind. It is useful to give instructions to landing and takeoff. Besides that, it assists regulate activity in the airspace based on designation and on the ground.

For your information, this template outlines the 7 responsibilities. The Air Traffic Controller job description outlines them below:

  1. The first duty is monitoring while regulating traffic both ground and air.
  2. The Air Traffic Controller provides useful information pertains to weather, flight paths, possible delays, wind, and runway openings and closures.
  3. It maintains communication with pilots, airport staff members, and other air traffic control centers. The purpose is to respond to emergency circumstances, ensure safety, and estimate arrival times.
  4. The Air Traffic Controller must inspect, repair, as well as utilizing some technologies. It uses maps, radios, telephones, reports, radar, computers, and others. The objectives are to analyze, adapt, and monitor changes in conditions.
  5. Warn response teams if occur emergencies or safety concerns.
  6. The Air Traffic Controller helps to look for missing aircraft.
  7. Prevent delays and increase more effective flight plans. It does by analyzing data and compiling reports.

Air Traffic Controller Job Description compiles with 9 Qualifications

At this time, Air Traffic Controller job description completes the template with 9 qualifications. It consists of:

  • The Air Traffic Controller just needs high school or equivalent diploma.
  • It must meet age, physical requirements, citizenship, and a thorough background checking.
  • It more prefers to combine more experience and education.
  • The Air Traffic Controller must complete successfully of training programs.
  • The Air Traffic Controller may require additional certification.
  • Strong and exceptional skills in time-management, decision-making, task, and communication.
  • Some technologies like computer and radio equipment for this staff must be familiar.
  • Ability to draw conclusions and analyze information.
  • Act with attention to detail and maintain entire records accurately.

Thank you for reading the Air Traffic Controller job description because it makes you lucky. Moreover, it explains each point in detail both the requirements and duties. Continue your plan along with this template. Good luck!


  • What is an Air Traffic Controller?

It is a controller that works in an airport using some technologies. The purposes are assisting with the pilot, informing on hazards, preventing delays, and so on. Once more, it also ensures the safety of passengers from any accident.

  • What Technologies to use by Air Traffic Controller?

Air Traffic Controller uses maps, radios, computers, telephones, report, until radar to undertake the responsibilities. Those tools are useful to inspect, repair, monitor, give information, and respond to emergency conditions.

  • Does a high school diploma enough for working as an Air Traffic Controller?

High school diploma and the equivalent is enough as Air Traffic Controller. However, it is mandatory to possess certification and finish the training program.



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