Owner Operator Job Description for Unique Job System

The owner-operator job description discusses the owner of trucks within undertaking deliveries on behalf of the organization/ company. It ensures cargo and oversees loading as well as unloading of cargo. The Owner-Operator job description resume template is very useful for learning deeper about the duties and requirements. Find new knowledge, insight, ability, and skills inside.

Owner Operator Job Description Template compiles with 9 Responsibilities

The Owner-Operator ensures that cargo delivers to customers punctually. It plans travel routes that are appropriate and oversees the loading as well as unloading of cargo. Anyway, the Owner-Operator job description shows 9 detailed duties to undertake those all. Well, look at below:

  1. The Owner-Operator transports cargo according to the company instruction on to and from current locations.
  2. It is in charge of planning travel routes strategically to ensure all deliveries finish punctually.
  3. The operator must prevent miscommunications or any errors by reviewing the instructions of the company dispatchers before delivering.
  4. Undertake inspections of trucks both before and after delivery to ensure the trucks are medically sound.
  5. Inform on management promptly of any mechanical problems that cause the trucks unroadworthy.
  6. The Owner-Operator is in charge to maintain a logbook using an accurate account. The logbook notes the number of work hours, mileage that the truck covers, and rest periods.
  7. Confirm the correct cargo receipt by obtaining customer signature and submitting cargo documents to customers.
  8. Inform of dispatch about cargo that damages.
  9. The Owner-Operator must oversee the safety of cargo from loading and unloading processes.

8 Qualifications according to the demand of Owner Operator Job Description

Enjoy the journey of this article about the Owner Operator job description. The discussion of qualification is always after the responsibilities in this template. Seemly, it needs 8 qualifications to select the Owner Operator properly such as below:

  • The Owner Operator’s educational background may use a high school diploma or GED.
  • But, it has to complete a tractor-trailer driver training program to get more advantages.
  • Besides that, the Owner-Operator must possess a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL) and a clean driving record.
  • It is mandatory to prove experience in driving trucks.
  • Master sound knowledge of weight restrictions, road safety regulations, and loading and unloading procedures.
  • Proficient in utilizing routing software, GPS systems, and road maps.
  • This job demands the Owner Operator concentrate or focuses on long periods.
  • It should have effective and excellent skills in organizational, time-management, problem-solving, and communication.

Well, this is the end of the journey of the Owner-Operator job description template. Now, you can pay attention to the content again and get more concise knowledge. Thank you for reading. Good luck!


  • What is Owner Operator?

It is an employee that works by driving their trucks for transporting cargo on behalf of the company name.

  • What are the 3 main Owner Operator’s responsibilities?

The Owner-Operator must ensure the activities of delivery runs smoothly and punctually. It must oversee the activities of loading and unloading goods. Once more, it must plan a travel route.

  • What knowledge to possess by the Owner-Operator?

The Owner-Operator quite masters the knowledge of loading and unloading procedures, weight restrictions, and road safety regulations.



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