5+ Annual Report Template

Editable Annual Report Template with 10+ Samples

Usually, a business compiles a year-end report in order to describe the operational & financial conditions provided to the shareholders. This document is very important for your business. So, if you want to create it, you may need the following annual report template for your reference.

When Needs an Annual Report Template?

A PSD annual report template is a kind of formal financial statement that is published annually and given to all the interested parties. It offers an assessment of the previous year’s operations, the financial conditional, the company’s view of the next year, & its prospects.

A company usually just provides little information with the reports that are composed of 2 pages & created economically. The main purpose of an annual report is to comply with legal requirements. So, you will need to create this document every year. That is why we will guide you and give you samples.

What to Include in an Annual Report

An annual report template PSD aims to provide disclosure of the company’s corporate activities for the last year to the public. The company’s shareholders receive the annual report they can use to evaluate the financial performance of the company.

An annual report should contain a few parts. They include accounting policies, auditor’s report, discussion & analysis of the management, operating & financial highlights, financial statements, general corporate info, letter to the shareholders, narrative text, photos, graphics, and financial data summary.

Why Needs an Annual Report Template?

An annual report PSD template is very useful to measure the company’s ability to pay debts punctually. Besides, it is also used to measure if the company made profits or experienced losses in the last year. Then, it also measures the company’s growth in a specific number of years.

Next, you also need an annual report to measure the company’s earnings to grow operations. In addition, the ration of the operational expenses of your company can also be measured using an annual report. One more, you can use it to determine if the info is in compliance with the accepted GAAP.

How to Make an Annual Report Template

An editable PSD annual report template will help you a lot. Anyway, you have to consider the following tips. First, you must focus on your company’s activities & accomplishments. Besides, you cannot talk too much about the company’s internal affairs.

In addition, you should also try not to brag. Here, you may add information on the success of your fundraising efforts. For the next tips, do not forget to add relevant & high-quality photos. You can consider photos showing you help others. It is better than photos of CEOs, board members, or others.

Also, an annual report template should also contain personal profiles. One more, you also need to explain your company’s financial information. You can create an annual report easily using our templates. All of them are not only free to download but also easy to edit and ready to print anytime.

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