10+ Art Lesson Plan Template

Art Lesson Plan Template for Maximizing Learning Process

For the teacher of art, maximizing the learning process is a quite-essential matter to be done. When the learning process can be maximized, of course, the lesson material can be understood maximally too. That is why knowing an art lesson plan template is needed.

As its name, the art lesson plan is a document that shows the detailed learning process. It also can be the preparation by the teacher to avoid some mistakes that may happen during the learning process or to find the best explanation ways.

On this occasion, we will talk to you about the art lesson plan and its details. For those who are curious about it, please take a seat and read the following writings below.

Why is Art Lesson Plan Important for a Teacher?

As we have said before, the art lesson plan can be a preparation before the teacher starts to explain the material. By making the lesson plan, of course, a teacher could prepare the detailed materials better and they also could find the shape of teaching that they want to apply.

On another hand, the lesson part also could be the source of inspiration. By making an art lesson plan, a teacher can get more inspiration and improvement to maximize the teaching time. Of course, they could make better and more effective learning strategies.

An art lesson plan is also useful as an object of evaluation. Through applying the lesson plan, a teacher may find the best role to maximize the learning time.

What to Write Inside An Art Lesson Plan?

These are some matters that should be included inside the art lesson plan, especially to make a maximal preparation. Well, things to be included inside this document are:

  • Details of the art lesson, especially the lists of the materials
  • Objectives or targets that should be reached after the learning process
  • Teaching aids or tools and equipment that are maybe needed during the learning process
  • Stages or structures of the lesson to create comprehensive learning running

Mistakes to Avoid in Making Art Lesson Plan

To make a good lesson plan, these are some mistakes that you need to avoid. Of course, by avoiding some mistakes, the lesson plan can be made maximally and the process of teaching will be successful.

The first mistake to be avoided here is planning before knowing the characteristic of the class. Something to be underlined here is a different class sometimes has different characteristics and it needs a different lesson plan.

Then, having no clear goals and no lesson structure also become the common mistakes that happened. Here, to reach the target that you want, the goals of teaching should be written clearly, so does the structure of the lessons.

Art Lesson Plan Template PSD Files

We have some samples of the art lesson plan template on this page. All samples are available on the PSD file extension, so it is easy to download and to edit. Just click the download button and then get the files to your drive. Create your best art lesson plan with it!


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