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Editable Audit Report Template with Guides

An audit report is a written document containing the auditor’s opinion about an entity’s financial statements. When you write this report, you have to use a standard format. It seems difficult if you have never created it before. So, the following audit report template will be very useful and helpful.

What to Include in an Audit Report Template

Basically, a PSD audit report template should contain 3 paragraphs or sections. First, this audit report should consist of the responsibilities of the entity’s auditor & management. Besides that, it should also contain the scope of the audit report.

In addition, you also need to include the auditor’s opinion regarding the entity’s financial statements. Make sure that you include these all. For your information, an audit is very important as it provides the opportunity for another person to look over the business account.

Elements of an Audit Report Template

An audit report PSD template should have the following elements. It usually starts with a title. The title should be adjusted to your needs. After that, you need to mention the addressee clearly. Then, what you will have to include next is the responsibility of the auditor.

Next, you are required to state the overall impression you have obtained from your financial statements’ audit. For the next inclusion, it must be the basis of the opinion. You can make it more credible by including the facts of your basis. Other reporting responsibilities must be included, too.

In addition, an audit report template PSD will not be valid without a signature. Here, you have to put the signature of the auditor. The place in which the auditor signed it should be stated, too. One more, does not forget to include the date of the audit report or the date when the auditor signed it.

Opinions of an Audit Report Template

When it comes to an audit report, you have to include opinions. There are a few types of opinions. The first is an unqualified opinion. Many people call it a “clean opinion”. The second type is a qualified opinion.

For the third one, it is an adverse opinion. It is considered the worst type because it indicates that the company did not maintain the financial records well. Another one is a disclaimer of opinion. It happens when an auditor cannot complete an accurate report. So, the auditor issues it to the company.

Creating an Audit Report Template Format

With our editable PSD audit report template, you can write this document easily. Anyway, the standard format should have these 3 sections. In the beginning, it starts with the title and introduction. It must be clear, straight forward and simple so that it will be easy to understand.

After that, you have to explain & clarify the auditor’s and director’s responsibilities in the audit report template. The data must be accurate. In the end, you need to compose the basis of opinion. You can start with the auditor’s opinion, the audit process, and the relevant resources.

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Audit Report Ideas

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