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Are you planning a trip? You must prepare everything if you do not want to ruin the business or holiday trip. One of the important things to prepare is the mode of transportation you are going to choose. Well, one of the transportation modes for a short distance trip is train. One thing for sure after you have chosen to go by train is buying the ticket. Here are the tips for designing train ticket with PSD templates.


The Types of Train Ticket

Some of train ticket types are stated below:

  1. Anytime Ticket

If you choose anytime ticket, it means you are free to choose the time of travel. Choose the ticket to travel for only a day or more. What makes it special is you do not have to travel the whole journey shown on the ticket.

  1. Off-Peak Ticket

The off-peak ticket is different from anytime ticket since it is used at only certain times of the day. From its name, you must understand that off-peak ticket is used for the journey on less busy trains. You can choose it if you are not convenient for traveling in a too crowded train.

  1. Advance Ticket

This one is available to book in advance. If you are afraid of not getting a ticket on the day you are traveling, it is better to choose this ticket. Especially if you are planning to have a trip in the following month, this ticket will be very helpful. However, you are not free to break the journey like what you can do with anytime ticket.


The Tips to Design PSD Train Ticket

Here are a few tips to design the train ticket.

  • The Information Displayed on the Ticket

Some essential parts to be included on the ticket are the time, location, train’s name and number, and also your name as a passenger.

  • Logo

The logo is important to ensure you don’t take the wrong ticket. Make sure you don’t put too big a logo on the ticket since there is no big space available there.

  • Layout of Information

One thing for sure is you cannot include too much information. Mostly, the ticket’s orientation used for the train is landscape, but it depends on the information displayed.

  • Readable Text

The essence of the ticket is the information there. Therefore, you have to ensure your chosen font is readable. It is okay to use different colors on the specific information you want to highlight on the ticket.


Train Ticket PSD Design Ideas

There are many design ideas of tickets that you can freely choose. You are free to download any of them then edit and customize the content as you wish. You don’t have to worry about the resolution since all of them are designed with a 300 dpi resolution.


PSD Templates of the Train Ticket

In the end, some PSD train ticket templates are provided and available to download. Choose any template that’s suitable for you, and don’t forget to print it out to check that all details are properly right.

Download :

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