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Baby Certificate Samples and Free PSD Templates

A baby certificate is used in a lot of different occasions. Sometimes, it is given to parents when they are leaving the hospital with the newborn. Sometimes, the parents receive it when they are adopting an infant from an orphanage or adoption center. Regardless of its usage, these templates of the certificate can be used to make a great one for babies. Here they are.


What to Include in Baby Certificate?

Several important things cannot get ignored and left out when making a baby certificate. These are those things. You need to include them all the time when it comes to the baby as these aspects are all their identity. So, if you plan to make the certificate, keep these aspects in mind and do not forget to include them in the design, too.

  1. Name of the Baby

Every baby is given a name after being born. The name will have to be displayed right on the certificate. Make sure that the name is the full name. If there is no enough space, the first name and surname are in need to be displayed. You can leave out the middle name or replace it with the initial only.

  1. Date and Birth and Other Information

As the baby is very young, usually they do not have any information entitled to them but their date and birth. This is why you must include the date and birth of the baby on the certificate. Some other things to include there are usually the weight and length of the baby when they were born.


Newborn Baby Certificate Template

This baby certificate is mandatory to be given to parents. The certificate is issued by the hospital where the baby was born. If you need to make this document, please remember that the certificate will be legal and it will be used all the time. So, you must design it well. Use this template. It is free to get and it will surely help you in making the certificate.


Adopted Baby Certificate Template

When a baby is being adopted, their parents will receive some certificates too. The adoptive family will get the certificate stating that the baby is not biologically theirs but they are the baby’s legal family. Usually, it happens in an open adoption process. When the adoption is a close one, there is no certificate like this and the baby usually grows up not knowing that they are adopted.


Church Baby Certificate PSD Template

In religious communities, babies are usually taken to church to get baptized and then dedicated to the church. After that, they will receive a certificate. If this is the type of certificate that you need, the template is available right here. It is free to get and you can edit the template so easily using Photoshop at home.  

Those are the templates for you to try. Get them now and certificate for babies will be so easy to do. Select which one of those templates will match your need and then just save them in your PC before using it later on. Those baby certificate templates are all free for sure.

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