Behavior Therapist Job Description Editable Template


A behavior therapist helps patients to develop the skills & thought patterns required to overcome maladaptive or unhealthy behaviors. He or she usually works in a school, rehabilitation center, clinic, hospital, or detention facility. Now, let’s discuss further the behavior therapist job description.

Behavior Therapist Job Description Template

We are hiring a behavior therapist now. In this position, you will help patients to address debilitating & unhealthy behaviors and also overcome traumas, addictions, & phobias. The following behavior therapist job description template will discuss the responsibilities in detail completely.

To be a behavior therapist, you are must demonstrate compassion, understanding, and patience when treating patients. You must also be able to communicate effectively with patients to build trust and assess patients’ progress accurately. The detailed requirements will also be provided below.

Behavior Therapist Job Responsibilities

There are many tasks and duties a behavior therapist will have to do. We have summarized the detailed behavior therapist job responsibilities in the list below. If you are interested in this job position, you have to be familiar with these:

  • Helps patients to develop healthier behaviors and thought patterns
  • Analyzes behavioral patterns of patients to diagnose mental health disorders
  • Develops suitable treatment programs based on the diagnoses of patients
  • Accordingly adjusts treatment programs
  • Recommends exercises and activities to assist patients to develop the mechanisms & skills required to manage their diagnoses or overcome their addictions & phobias
  • Maintains detailed counseling as well as observation notes on every patient
  • Collaborates with families of patients to obtain feedbacks on implemented treatment plans as well as patients’ progress
  • Educates younger patients’ teachers & parents on using play to improve communication problems

Behavior Therapist Job Requirements

To be a behavior therapist, there are some required qualifications to be met. They relate to educational degrees, licenses, experiences, knowledge, and skills. Below is the list of behavior therapist job requirements in detail:

  • Master’s degree in related fields especially applied behavioral science or psychology
  • State license to practice behavior therapy
  • Work experience in behavior therapy
  • In-depth knowledge of different models of behavior therapy
  • Great collaborative skills
  • Expected problem-solving skills
  • Good clinical and counseling skills
  • Effective skills in communication
  • Patient and compassionate

Behavior Therapist Job Description FAQs

What does a behavior therapist do in a clinic or hospital?

Working in a hospital or clinic, a behavior therapist helps patients to develop the skills & thought patterns required to overcome maladaptive or unhealthy behaviors. The more detailed tasks and duties can be seen in the job description template above.

Can I edit the posted behavior therapist job description template here?

Yes, you can. Since it is an editable behavior therapist job description template, you are allowed to add or remove the responsibilities and requirements as needed.

Do you have interview questions for a behavior therapist?

Besides the behavior therapist job description, some interview question samples can also be found on this web. You can find them on another page.


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