Contractor Job Description and its FAQ


A contractor has an important role in their job. They are a manager that will supervise all the aspects of a project. They also will arrange and manage the materials, workers, equipment, and services needed to complete the projects on time within the budget. Therefore, a contractor job description is important to create to facilitate you recruiting the best candidate to work with.

The contractor job description template design

You need to be careful if you want to look for a contractor. You have to choose the innovative, disciplined candidates that are experienced and reliable. The contractors also should expect to negotiate with subcontractors on behalf of the clients, apply for building permits, dispose of, and recycle the waste.

Furthermore, a contractor also will manage the personnel and other resources, visit the sites, and maintain records. Because of that, you have to have a working understanding of masonry, carpentry, framing, and also plumbing skills.

If you want to be a successful contractor, you need to be curious, self-aware, and passionate about the work. The top candidate for this job is outstanding leadership skills, above-average computer literacy, and also capable to drive keeping up with trends.

The contractor responsibilities 

As a contractor, you need to know some responsibilities to do in your job. Some contractor job description responsibilities are:

  • Hiring the specialized subcontractors if necessary
  • Make sure the safety regulations are followed on site
  • Advising the clients
  • Ensure the sites are secure
  • Reviewing the quality of work done by employed workers and subcontractors
  • Keeping accurate financial records
  • Estimate the costs of material, labor, machinery, and any other expenses to formulate the bid price
  • Formulate the timetable to present to clients to illustrate a project timeline
  • Survey the laws and regulations to make a certain project site
  • Offer the employees with motivation and encourages quality work
  • Put project back on schedule when emergencies or new timelines arise

The contractor requirements 

To be a contractor, you need to fulfill certain requirements to prepare. Some contractor job description requirements are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in construction science, building science, and relevant
  • At least 5 years’ experience in constructions
  • Relevant license and bonds
  • Solid business and communication skills
  • Project management course is beneficial
  • Understanding using project management software
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Problem-solving, planning, and conflict resolution
  • Machinery knowledge and computation skills

The contractor FAQ

What is the qualification for a contractor job?

If you read the contractor job description template above, you will see that a contractor will need some form of licensing and insurance you will need to operate as a general contractor. Besides, a qualification for a contractor also will depend on the state or locality where you are going operating.

How much does a contractor make?

The median wage of a contractor is about $62.159. Of course, every company will have its own wages. Although the wages are not included in the contractor job description, you also need to describe it on the responsibilities of a contractor to make the people understanding their job.


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