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Comic Book Cover Template and Its Details

It is great when you finish the project to make your first comic. Well, writing a comic is a nice achievement to be appreciated. However, when you want to publish your comic and spread it to the readers, of course, you need to consider the comic book cover template.

As a common book, the cover becomes an important part of the book to be thought of. Sometimes, the readers will consider the book cover before they buy a certain book. That is why to get more attention from the targeted readers, you need to make a perfect comic book cover before publishing it.

The Importance of Comic Book Cover

As we have said before, a comic book cover is an important part of the book that you need to think about. Many readers say that the cover of the book plays a decisive role in the decision of buying a book. It is reasonable since humans are visual creatures.

On another hand, the comic book cover is claimed that influences the quality of the comic. Some people say that a good comic in common will come with a unique and interesting cover. We also know that many readers want to get a book with a special cover since they want to collect it.

What a Comic Book Cover Should Do?

When you want to make your comic book cover, making a pretty and unique cover is not enough. There are some criteria of a good comic book cover to be considered. Of course, by considering this matter, it will be easier to make a special comic book cover, as you want.

About the comic book cover, the great book cover should:

  • Tell a brief story inside. Besides, a good comic book cover also should capture some concepts and themes by the design
  • Have a distinct style. The detailed style will help the readers to manage the book and it will ease them to recognize the detailed book among the others
  • Indicate the genre of the comic

What to Write On the Comic Book Cover?

To make a good comic book cover, there are some matters to be written on it. Of course, with clear details, you could make a special book cover for your comic.

Some basic matters to be added on a comic book cover are:

  • Name of author
  • Title of the comic
  • Comic illustration or photo
  • Subtitle or tagline of the comic
  • Book summary
  • Endorsement
  • Barcode and price of the book

Some points above can be the basic matters to be included in the comic book cover. However, when it is needed, you could add more relevant information there.

Comic Book Cover Template File

As we have said before, a comic book cover will play an important role in the publication. When you want to make a good book cover for your comic, you could look for inspiration from the template.

On this page, we have several samples of the comic book cover template to be considered. All templates are free to download and easy to be edited. The whole template can be an illustration and guideline to make your comic book cover.

Comic Book Cover Template Sample

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