Corporate Letterhead in Photoshop Free Download

The Corporate Letterhead for Official and Formal Implementation

Using letterheads is a part of the business activity that implements an official letter. The corporate must take this one seriously since the design represents the business itself. This is why you must have a template for the corporate letterhead. The samples and templates are useful for reference when compared to what design and layout that corporate must create for the letterhead.

Corporate Letterhead Purposes and Ideas

Exploring corporate letterhead starts with purposes and ideas. The business utilizes it due to some purposes to accomplish.

  1. Business letter

Letterhead is mostly for a business letter, both for internal and external uses. The employees will receive an official task that’s printed in a business letter with an official letterhead. The letter includes external correspondence between corporate and clients.

  1. Business proposal

A business proposal is a formal document that explains the planning of what the corporate will do in the future. The proposal is also useful to obtain more funding and investment. In that case, all contents must be printed in paper with letterhead as the background. It proposes looks legit and professional. People put their trust in something that they feel is legitimate.

  1. Marketing and promotion

Another purpose is marketing and promotion. The letterhead contains the corporate name and logo. It means you can expose the business directly via letter. It is a subtle way of promoting the name. Even though people only read it at glance, having letterheads in the letter is more than enough as an introduction.

  1. Invoice and transaction proof

The customers who buy the products then receive the receipt. There is a letterhead at the top with logo and detail.

Corporate Letterhead Creative Design

Professionalism and legal appearances are two important things to consider before designing this letterhead. Of course, you may have the creativity and want something out of ordinary in the corporate world. The problem is creative design will affect the entire aspect, especially the core of business itself. On the other side, you should approach the design from something that’s quite an open arm with change. This is where the designs for transaction proof and business plans have different styles.

Corporate Letterhead Items and Components

The items for corporate letterhead are standard with few modifications. You can see the logo, name, and contact info. Those things are the most common components you always see on the letterhead. It does not matter what business or corporation that will use the letterhead.

Corporate Letterhead Template Advantages

The designers use ready-made PSD templates due to several advantages. It is not a bad thing for using the template for designing letterheads, especially for corporate. More explanation will be in the following list.

  1. Free file

The template for the letterhead does not have the secretive contents. That’s why most templates are free. It means you do not need to pay a single penny for downloading the file.

  1. Editable and easy to customize

The good thing about the template is editable. This is the main reason why people use ready-made templates. It can be modified and customized. You can replace a few items and add your own. Moreover, you need to expand it with additional layers and items.

  1. Various style and options

The corporate letterhead template has various styles and options. The standard one is the most favorite choice, especially for the corporate that focuses on legitimate business. Some templates are for marketing with fancy design but keep the elegant and formal look.  

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