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The Personal Letterhead Templates and Free Samples

Making a personal letterhead is not something strange these days. People are making their letterhead for their stationery stock, including for the paper they write their letter on. If you want to have your letterhead and currently looking for some inspirations, some of the best ones can be found down below for sure,


Why Everyone Needs Personal Letterhead?

There are quite a lot of reasons why everyone does need a letterhead on their letter. Letterhead is not only used to enhance the look of the letter but also to make the letter feels more legitimate. Here is the full explanation about the convincing reasons why the letterhead is needed. After that, you can simply download the personal letterhead on the section down below.

  1. As Letter’s Distinctive Look

A letter can be easily personalized using the letterhead. If you send a letter daily, the receiver of your letter can tell straight away that your letter is coming from you by taking a look at the letterhead. It becomes your signature and your distinctive look in the letter. If this matters to you, you better complete the letter with the letterhead.

  1. For Better Looking Letter

The plain-looking letter is sometimes boring to read. You can make sure that your letter is not looking dull and boring by adding a letterhead to it. The letterhead adds colors, designs, and cool images to the letter to entertain the readers. That is why it is very important to have such a great addition as a letterhead.


Flower-Themed Personal Letterhead Template

One of the most beloved designs for personal letterhead is a flower theme. The design looks very calm and soothing. The example can be seen right here. The flower on this one is the peony. It looks gorgeous and certainly capable to make your letter looks pretty. Download the design now and you can personalize it later using Photoshop.


Monogrammed Personal Letterhead Template

The Monogrammed letterhead is simple to make and the best one. It contains your initial and it should be easy for people to recognize the letter. Say, for example, your name is Nancy Jones, then the letterhead should contain the big bold letters of N and J along with several bits of other designs. The example slash template is over here.


Modern PSD Personal Letterhead Template

This is the example of a sophisticated letterhead. It looks pretty with all the simplicity and contrast of color. The background color is black but it has a feminine dash of the color pink in the center. It looks highly sophisticated. You can certainly download it for free now and you will be able to complete the letter with stunning decoration. They are easy to adjust it later, too.

Now you have several options for the letterhead, you can choose any of them that you think matches your style the most. Those templates are in PSD format and you can easily adjust them or change the design a little bit on Photoshop. Get those personal letterhead templates now by downloading them for free here.

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