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Creating Your Event Planner Letterhead

If you want to hold a big event, such as a wedding, birthday party, anniversary, graduation celebration party, or school reunion, you know exactly that it will take a lot of preparation. It is almost impossible to be done by yourself, so you need other people’s assistance. Hence, you have to be sure that everybody in your team understands their job and what to do. When everybody is confused about what to prepare, that’s the moment you need a backup plan. The best thing to do is asking for an event planner’s help. To decide which event planner you are going to choose is a bit tricky because you need to know their reputation and others’ review. As an owner or staff of the event planner business, you need to show your credibility. One way to do so is by having your professional letterhead for business correspondence. Here, you will be given some useful information about creating your event planner letterhead.


Purposes of Professional Event Planner Letterhead

Here are some reasons to have your professional event planner letterhead.

  1. As Your Marketing Strategy

Having a letterhead will show that your business is real and catch your potential clients’ attention. Your letter will look more prestigious with a business logo, name, and brand colors.

  1. Giving Contact Information

It is a must to include the business contact details, such as an address, phone numbers, email address, website, etc. All of those are important to convince your clients that you are reachable by any means.

  1. As an Official Correspondence

Your letterhead has to be the legal document to keep in touch with clients. It is also a representation of your business and people working in it.


Design Guides of PSD Event Planner Letterhead

There are some guides when you decide to design your own appealing PSD event planner letterhead:

  1. Simple but Attractive Design

Letterhead is important, but the most essential part of your business letter is the content. By having a simple yet attractive letterhead design, it won’t distract the readers from the content.

  1. Border

Border plays a role like a frame of a picture in the letter. It helps to enhance the look and also gives a beautiful touch to the letter layout.

  1. Type Features

You can try some fonts to create the business brand for your letterhead. One thing for sure is you have to check that your fonts are readable and not distracting.

  1. Special Effects

You may consider adding special effects in letterhead design. Some graphic designers have proven that using solid colors at the back of the letterhead enhances its look.


Design Templates of PSD Event Planner Letterhead

Find the perfect letterhead design templates for your business need. You are free to browse many examples of templates. They are free to edit and customize to adjust your professional need.


Samples of PSD Event Letter Letterhead

Of course, you can get free samples of event planner letterhead. Download these letterhead samples instantly, edit them, save in PSD format, and print them out. So, what are you waiting for? Start creating the letterhead and impress your potential clients. 

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