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The celebration of Earth Day began in the US back in 1970 on April 22. There were environmental rallies across the country such as in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Nowadays, it is celebrated across the globe as the biggest organized event for environmental purposes. Use these International Earth Day Poster templates to join the event by downloading the high-resolution poster and print them.

Free Templates of International Earth Day Poster

In today’s world, Earth Day is widely recognized as a bigger environmental event in the world. More than a billion people celebrate it annually with positive actions in hope of global change for human behavior towards the planet and encourage the policy changes to be more proactive in environmental health. The fight for creating a cleaner and better environment has continued and raises even more urgency due to the climate change that becomes apparent by the days.

Raising awareness of this particular event can be done by using the International Earth Day Poster. It is just a small step to participate to empower more people about the message, information, and encouragement to create an impact and drive positive change across communities.

International Earth Day Poster Benefits

Compared to other promotional tools, there are many benefits you can get from using a poster such as:

  1. It is an immediate visual tool to create impressions on many people. Posters are designed to be larger than flyers or brochures, but smaller than a billboard. It provides different features to send provocative messages to boost power.
  2. It has continuous exposure. As long as the poster is left hanging, people will see it times to times. Decide how long you want to hang the poster because too long exposure can cause the people to tune out from it.
  3. It can reach a wide range of audiences. This benefit is especially true if you choose the high-traffic area to hang your poster, so there is a higher chance of more people to see it.
  4. It is more budget-friendly than another type of promotional tool. Try to compare the budget cost of a poster with ads in magazines or newspapers. Of course, the cost will depend on some factors such as quantity, quality, or size. However, it is still possible to get bulk of posters with a much lower cost than placed ads.

Printable International Earth Day Poster

To get and use International Earth Day Poster templates that are available on here properly, follow these steps below:

  1. Choose the template you want. Explore the template gallery, determine the suitable design for you, and the event that you want to create.
  2. Customize the templates. By using Adobe Photoshop software, you’ll be able to modify this PSD formatted template with some powerful editing tools.
  3. Print the poster. Save the templates and print them so you can hang them in several places. You also may share it on different online platforms.

International Earth Day Poster Free Download

Get International Earth Day Poster designs for free from the collection of templates on this page. There are so many types of templates that you can choose according to the theme, layout, or designs that you

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