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Real Boarding Pass Template for Journey Preparation

When you want to prepare for your journey, a ticket becomes one of the most important documents to be prepared. However, besides the ticket, the boarding pass cannot be forgotten. That is why you need to know about the boarding pass template.

Do you ever hear about the boarding pass before?

In simple, the boarding pass is a document that is used to pass the board. Especially on the airplane, when you do not have a boarding pass, of course, you cannot enter the area. That is why you should prepare the boarding pass before starting your journey.

What Information the Boarding Pass Has?

As an important and legal document, a boarding pass consists of several important data. Of course, in simple, the detailed information inside the boarding pass is about the legal name of the passenger and the information of the flight.

In detail, the boarding pass consists of some points as:

  • The name of the airline
  • Information of departure gate
  • Departure and arrival cities
  • The number of the flight
  • Departure time
  • Boarding time
  • Boarding group and seat assignment
  • QR code

In common, a boarding pass will consist of some points above. However, some boarding passes maybe have some different details.

Is Printing the Boarding Pass Necessary?

In several times ago, printing the boarding pass is an important thing to be done. The printed boarding pass will be evidence to pass the airline. However, today, printing the boarding pass is not necessary. How can it happen?

The development of technology changes the condition. Today, there is a mobile boarding pass that can be used to change the printed boarding pass. People just need to show their mobile to get access. Or, they could scan the QR code to pass.

However, when people still want to print the boarding pass, of course, they could do it and today, there is an easier way to be applied. Besides printing the boarding pass at the airport, they could print it online.

What Happens When You Lose the Boarding Pass?

Well, it is a common matter to happen. Some passengers lose their boarding passes. Then, what to do when this matter happens to you?

Of course, you do not need to worry when this matter happens. Here, when you lose your boarding pass, you may return to the airline check-in counter. Then, all you need to do is reprinting the boarding pass. As we have said before, the airport will provide the place to print the boarding pass.

However, the solution above can be applied when you haven’t gone from the security. When you have already gone through security and then lose your boarding pass, you could go to your departure gate. On that place, you may ask the gate agent to reprint your boarding pass.

Kinds of Boarding Pass Template

On this page, we have several options for the boarding pass template that you may see. Seeing the template of the boarding pass can give you more information about what it looks like. Find and download your favorite boarding passes here for free!

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