Quantity Surveyor Job Description and the FAQ


The quantity surveyor is also known as the Cost Consultants that will ensure the building project remains within the budget. Besides, a quantity surveyor also will provide the cost and material estimates, drawing up the projected budget, and also working alongside a team. Therefore, you need to create a quantity surveyor job description clearly to make people easily understanding what you will need.

The quantity surveyor job description template

You need to look for a reliable quantity surveyor to join your company or organization. The quantity surveyor will be tasked by analyzing the existing budget and making improvements. Besides, they also will make improvements, review the plans, and prepare the quantity estimates. Therefore, you need to have a certain education to be a quantity surveyor.

Furthermore, the quantity surveyor also will negotiate with various contractors and vendors as well as the building relationship with the clients and site managers. Carrying out the feasibility studies are also other responsibilities from the quantity surveyor.

To succeed in a quantity surveyor, you need to have a methodical approach and superb interpersonal skills. The best candidate for a quantity surveyor is not only great at the analyzing cost but they also will know how to read people and tailor negotiation to ensure the best possible outcome.

The quantity surveyor responsibilities 

A quantity surveyor has some responsibilities to do. Some quantity surveyor job description responsibilities are:

  • Analysis of the construction plans and prepare the quantity requirements
  • Mediating with the site managers, clients, contractors, and subcontractors
  • Examining maintenance and material costs as well as contracts to make sure the best deal
  • Counseling the managers and clients to improvements and new strategies
  • Keeping track of materials and ordering more when required
  • Recording any changes in design and updating the budget
  • Founding and keeping a professional relationship with external and internal stakeholders
  • Traveling from the office to various sites as required
  • Procure or agree on the services of contractors and subcontractors to work on the construction of the project
  • Select or source the construction materials

The quantity surveyor job description requirements

If you want to be a quantity surveyor, you also need to prepare some requirements to fulfill. Some quantity surveyor job description requirements are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in quantity surveying, management, or similar field
  • Construction estimating or finance understanding is advantageous
  • Solid analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Sound understanding of construction
  • Outstanding negotiation and interpersonal skills
  • Capable to organize, plan, and strategize
  • A valid driver’s license
  • Excellent networking abilities

The quantity surveyor FAQs

What are the key skills for a quantity surveyor?

To be a quantity surveyor, you need to have some key skills like numeracy, excellent relationship-building, and interpersonal skills. Those skills should be written on the quantity surveyor job description ideas design well. Attention to detail and a methodical approach to work is also important.

How is the work environment and schedule for a quantity surveyor?

Although the schedule is not written on the quantity surveyor job description, the traditional work hour for this job is about 37 to 40 hour work week from Monday to Friday. Moreover, there are also a number of different organization types to hire quantity surveyors.


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