Resignation Letter Due to Relocation And The Sample

Getting a job is not easy. However, this chance sometimes comes up easily when you already worked. Then when the time is perfect, you will resign from your current job and move to other place. The first thing you must do is inform your boss. You have to tell your reasons why you want to resign from your job. To do this, you need to write a resignation letter due to relocation. Your current company will make sure that you are no longer their employee and to record the correct information of your resignation. It is also to make your transition into another company smoother.

What is the best reason to resign?

Definitely, the best reason to resign is that you have found a new job. In the resignation letter, you can inform your boss that you are seeking for new experience. You can write a honest reason, for example, you want an occupation which offers many career opportunities. However, you must ensure that you have finished your current tasks in the company before you resign. You also need to ensure you really get the new job offer.

How do I write a simple resignation letter due to relocation?

A resignation letter due to relocationmust be written formally and straightforward. Thus, this letter should be simple. Start from the letterhead, you should greet your boss formally. After that, you have to include your complete name, your date of departure, your reason of resignation, your completed and pending projects to be handled by other employee, information of your new job location, and your contact number in your resignation letter. Your contact number is important as perhaps your boss want to discuss your resignation in details. Also, maybe your boss wants to help your transfer in the next company smoother. Then, you come to the complimentary closing. To leave a good impression, you need to thank for the job experience you had in the company.

Can I cancel my resignation letter?

Your boss does not have legal obligation to take your cancellation of resign, but he might think that you cannot committed to your job. So, you must think carefully before submitting your resignation letter.

Resignation Letter Due to Relocation Sample

Writing a resignation letter due to relocation does not have to be complicated. Ensure your resignation letter is formal, simple, and straightforward. You can see the following resignation letter due to relocation to aspire you in writing.

Dear Mr. Alif,

The aim of this resignation letter is to inform you of my upcoming resignation from my current position at EFG Company. It is because I want to be relocating to Roma in the future. My resignation will be effective from November 12. I hope this letter will be accepted as this is my official notification of resignation.


I regret having to leave EFG Company, but I am grateful for being the part of the team and also the great opportunities during the last several years here. I have enjoyed working at EFG company and I  wish this company will continue to success.


I will complete my current project before my resignation date effective. I will also transfer the pending projects to the other team members. If you have any further discussion, you can reach me at (123)5556-5557 or at


Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Yours sincerely,


Zalya Veronica


Zalya Veronica


That is the brief explanation about resignation letter due to relocation and its sample. We hope it can give you an inspiration.



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