Technical Recruiter Job Description and the FAQ


The technical recruiter has an important role in their job. They will have responsibility for all aspects of the sourcing and hiring of IT professionals to full the technical positions. In other words, the technical recruiter will work to identify and fill a job opening, interview candidates, and keep records of application. The technical recruiter job description is important because it will help you to get the best candidate to work.

The technical recruiter job description template idea

Looking for a technical recruiter should be careful. You need to look for a deadline-focused technical recruiter to be responsible for the sourcing, screening, and hiring of a technical specialist to fill the IT position. Furthermore, the technical recruiter also has other responsibilities to hire the manager to write the job description for giving the job positions to the most appropriate candidate.


Besides, a technical recruiter also will write and post the technical job description so that the candidate will be easy to understand their need. Sourcing the potential candidates on niche platforms like stack overflow and Github are also other responsibilities of this job.

If you want to be a successful technical recruiter, you need to have a good working experience of technology, technical roles, and also the technical roles. The best candidate for this job is a professional and strong tech talent pipeline.

The technical recruiter responsibilities 

The technical recruiter has some responsibilities to know for the candidate. Some technical recruiter job description responsibilities are:

  • Write and post a technical job description
  • Speak with the hiring manager to identify the future job openings and the technical requirements for the job
  • Write the job descriptions and postings to the relevant media platform
  • Arrange the telephone, video or in-person interviews
  • Screen applicants for competency with the job requirements
  • Do background and reference check
  • Show the resumes of the most suitable candidates to the hiring manager
  • Give the job positions and finishing the relevant paperwork
  • Keep the track of all applicants as well as informed on the application process
  • Predict the recruitment budget
  • Work together with IT team leaders to predict department goals and hiring needs

The technical recruiter requirements 

Some requirements should be fulfilled to be a technical recruiter. The technical recruiter job description requirements are:

  • A bachelor’s of science or Human Resource degree
  • Show work experience as a Technical Recruiter or recruiter
  • Good experience of technical and technology skills
  • Understanding in the recruitment process and platform
  • Good interpersonal and decision-making skills
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication
  • Strong understanding of HR practices and labor legislation

The technical recruiter FAQ

What are the qualifications to be a technical recruiter?

Of course, you need some qualifications if you want to be a technical recruiter. In this part, you need to have a professional human resources certification and experience working with a diverse team and striving for fairness. You can write it on the technical recruiter job description template design.

Can I edit the technical recruiter job description template here?

You also can edit this technical recruiter job description suitable for your need. The template is easy to edit so that you can create as well as you need. You only need to download the file on this page by clicking the downloaded button on this page.


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