Undertaker Job Description and the FAQ


The undertaker is also called Funeral Directors because they handle all funeral arrangements for the family of the deceased. Besides, an undertaker also will manage the legal documents, organize the memorial services, and prepare the body for the burial sites. Therefore, you need to create an undertaker job description that will help you to get the satisfaction candidate for an undertaker.

The undertaker job description template idea

Looking for an undertaker should be careful. You need to hire a detail-oriented and empathetic undertaker to join the team. The undertaker will have some responsibilities like consulting with the families, work together with funerals and cremation, sourcing the flowers and caskets, and also posting the obituary notices.

Besides, an undertaker also will contact the relevant religious official and arrange the transport to the burial sites. Performing the admin duties and provide comfort for mourners are also other responsibilities of the undertaker.

If you want to be successful an undertaker, you have to be able to do multitask under stressful circumstances and carry out all duties when remaining sensitive towards the family. The top candidate for this job is humble, courageous, and reliable.

The responsibilities of the undertaker 

As an undertaker, you will have some responsibilities to do. The undertaker job description responsibilities are:

  • Give the support to the clients when describing the service funeral packages and options
  • Get ready the body that probably includes embalming and applying the mortuary cosmetics
  • Organize the casket, flowers, transport to be a burial site, and also contacting the cemeteries to organize the opening and closing of the graves
  • Call the religious officials, arranging services, and notifying the mourners of the time and venues
  • Collect the information from the family members and handling all legal document
  • The wording and posting obituaries carefully
  • Make sure all flowers and fixtures are set out properly at the funeral
  • Check the funeral details with family members and improve the funeral program
  • Prepare the food and drink for all mourners and answering any questions or queries politely
  • Do admin tasks like updating the records and client accounts, and purchasing the various supplies

The requirements of the undertaker 

Besides, you also need to prepare some requirements to fulfill if you want to be an undertaker. Some undertaker job description requirements are:

  • Associate’s or bachelor’s degree in Mortuary Science or a related field
  • A completed apprenticeship
  • An embalmer’s license
  • Outstanding interpersonal, communication, and business skills
  • Solid ethical and moral values
  • Multitasking abilities and compassion
  • Great time management

The undertaker FAQ

What are the activities for an undertaker?

If you read the undertaker job description template ideas, the undertaker will do many activities related to the funeral job. They will coordinate the work and activities to accomplish the task. Besides, communicating with a person outside of the organization is also another activity of the undertaker.

Should I have certain abilities to be an undertaker?

To be an undertaker, you need to have certain abilities. Those are oral expression, speech clarity, and also problem sensitivity. Those are important because you will perform the funeral activities. Therefore, those abilities should be written in the undertaker job description.


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