Public Defender Job Description and the FAQ template 


A public defender has an important role in their job because they perform as state-employed attorneys and they are appointed by a court to defend the accused someone that cannot afford legal representation. Therefore, they will provide free legal counsel to indigent people. Therefore, creating a public defender job description will be important because they should have certain abilities.

A public defender job description design idea

Since the public defender has an important job, you need to search for a competent Public Defender that can handle all duties involved in managing the indigent defendant’s court cases. Besides, a public defender also has responsibilities like giving the clients legal representation during all phases of the case, preparing and presenting their defense.

Besides, a public defender also will analyze all cases, prepare a legal document, and also interview all clients and witnesses with the appropriate action.

To succeed in the public defender, you need to perform legal research, analyze, and apply legal principles. Moreover, a top candidate for a public defender is able to maintain a cooperative working relationship with all stakeholders.

The public defender responsibilities 

As a public defender, you need to know some responsibilities to do. Some public defender job description responsibilities are:

  • Give the legal representation, consultation, and advice to clients
  • Delegate the client during the criminal investigative proceeding
  • Perform their job closely with the clients like give and discuss the information, strategies, and the development
  • Prepare for the bail to be set and bonds to be posted
  • Maintain the understanding of all legal literature to help staff attorneys and clients
  • Work together with an attorney to improve the case strategy
  • Do the investigation on the case and help the efficient process to prepare the defense, interpret strengths, and predict the sentences
  • Attend the sentencing and negotiating plea bargains
  • Prepare the legal documentation and delegate the clients in the court
  • Handle pretrial discovery, withdraw pleas, and suppression motions and petitions

The public defender requirements 

Besides, you have to prepare some requirements if you want to be a public defender. Some public defender job description requirements are:

  • Juris doctorate or bachelor of laws degree
  • Licensed to practice law in the relevant state
  • Previous trial and the criminal law understanding
  • Understanding the criminal law, the judicial system, court practices, and procedures
  • Outstanding organizational, oral presentation, and communicating skills
  • Capable to work under the pressure with solid attention to detail
  • Solid research, analysis, and decision-making skills
  • Great interpersonal skills
  • Solid computer proficiency

The public defender FAQ

How do I become a public defender?

To be a public defender, you need to complete some steps like completing the undergraduate degree program. After that, you take the LSAT because law school usually needs those certificates. After that, you also need to have some skills that are written in the public defender job description template.

What are the key skills to be a public defender?

There are some key skills that should be known for you to be a public defender. Those are critical thinking, analytical reasoning, negotiation, research and writing skills, and project management. Those skills should be written on your public defender job description well to be the best candidate.


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